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Argumentative Essay Topics for Any Assignment

An argumentative essay is an interesting type of essay. It is commonly assigned to high school and college students. This type of essay uses strong facts and evidence to support the claim or idea. Teachers assign an argumentative essay to students to analyze their abilities.

In this type of essay, the writer presents an argument about a particular topic. The essay writing service decides the side of the argument, and it can be positive or negative.

The first step in writing the argumentative essay is to choose a good topic. In an argumentative essay, the choice of the topic plays a vital role. Many writers working in firm with ‘write my essay’ service make a mistake by choosing a poor essay topic.

Here are some good topics for an argumentative essay that make your writing phase simple, and you can easily get good grades from your teacher.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students   

  • Do college rankings matter?
  • Should college education be free to all?
  • College students must receive money after receiving A+.
  • How do reality shows impact society?
  • Should people be allowed to own exotic pets?
  • Do the advancements of modern technologies ruin childhood?
  • Unnecessary Tasks for students
  • Who should be role models for teenagers?
  • College is a way to make money.
  • Not everyone needs to go to College.

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Should there be a ban on violent video games?
  • Is celebrity culture harmful or harmless?
  • The Pros and Cons of studying computer science
  • What is the best way for the average person to make a difference?
  • Is homeschooling good for students?
  • Alcohol usage should be controlled in schools
  • Production and sales of tobacco must be made illegal
  • Energetic drinks should be banned and made illegal
  • What is the greatest threat to our environment?
  • What are the negative effects of diets?


Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Hockey and other dangerous sports.
  • Society should fight anorexia.
  • The government should provide health care facilities.
  • Role of teachers in building the kids’ personality
  • Is climate change real, and is it happening?
  • Do people have a right to Internet access?
  • Is summer school designed to help children?
  • Should students be given less homework?
  • Is it right for educational institutions to sell fast food?
  • Boys and girls do not have equal opportunities, Agreed?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Schools must be free for the citizens.
  • Bullying in schools
  • Technology and social habits
  • Cross-cultural marriages
  • Children’s school performance
  • Journalism has reduced money-making games.
  • Write my essay for me for me on how the government should pay salaries to all healthcare servants.
  • Corruption is one of the causes of unemployment.
  • Should capital punishment be outlawed?
  • Social media leads to isolation.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why do people have an abundant amount of mismatched socks?
  • Why can’t you shop anywhere but Wal-Mart?
  • Reasons to appreciate smog.
  • Is golf really a sport?
  • The best students are those who never pay attention in class.
  • How to get rejected on a first date?
  • Why smoking is actually good for you
  • Why Amazon must be stopped
  • Do you love your surname?
  • Would Batman be in law in the real world?


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