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About Jamie_Graham

Jamie Graham is just a nickname that borrowed from the protagonist of Spielberg’s movie “The Empire of the Sun”. My real name is Juan Anelo and I started to use this nick just to differentiate this facet of my life from the strictly professional one, since I dedicate myself to a field that has little or nothing to do with art or crafts (Physical Activity and health).

 I have always felt proud to belong to a family of artists and although I have made my “first steps” in drawing, painting and carving, it is lately in the field of static modeling where I am finding myself more satisfied with my works.

I have not been practicing modeling for a long time. I started in 2012 and will have done only about 6-7 models. The first 3 models were more like test of many of the techniques of this hobby and the last 4 are more seriously. You can take a look of them in my new blog ...

How you can see in my works, i like to do a creative or different "staging" of my models, with a lot of sense of motions and with a bit of imagination! I try to give something different to this hobby. There are too many modellers doing the same kits and by the same way ... so, i think it's not bad trying to do another different thing. 

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Birthday: 26-feb-1973
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Hobbies: sports, read, movies, ... and scale models!
Language: spanish ... and a little bit of english.
Location: Cadiz - Spain
Occupation: Physical Coach, Trainer.
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