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Born in NY raised in FL and MD.  Consider myself to be a Floridian at heart.  Been into the model thing for nearly 55 yrs now. Been building and flying RC planes and racing RC boats for nearly 50 yrs.  Love fishing, I teach my fellow disabled vets how to flyfish, tye flies, make flyrods. My property line here in NC is a very nice trout stream. I do prefer saltwater fishing, but how many can say they only have to walk 75 yds behind their house and go fishing.

I am a very proud disable Navy Veteran. I still serve and help vets. I work for the #1 rated VA Hospital in the USA, here in Asheville NC. I work in Federal Law Enforcement, but dont wear a uniform. I do more of the background type stuff IE: investigations, anti-terrorism, assist suicidal veterans etc...

I like to have multiple projects going. I am currently working on a mostly military "History of Flight" display for my home. That project starts with the Wright Flyer up to the last of the great prop planes the "SkyRaider" I am doing all that project in 1/32 scale.  I also love ships of all kinds, currently finished a 1/196 Constitution and recently started a 1/96 Connie, that is going to be a test bed for an upcoming larger wood masted project.

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Birthday: 07/26/57
Hobbies: RC planes and boats, models planes and ships, competition air rifles and black powder guns, archery, fishing
Language: normally not foul, but dont push me !
Location: Asheville, NC
Occupation: Federal Law Enforcement with VA Hospital


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