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  • From Massachusetts - now Maine
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About lonemoose

46yo that modeled a little bit when i was a kid. Too expensive and no hobby shop nearby = not a lot of modeling. I lived in California in my 20/30s and I did a couple more kits. In my late 30s I collected a small stash but sold them off when me and my family relocated back home to Maine. Now I have some space and time to model. I am not a very good scale modeler but I really enjoy it.

Profile Details
Birthday: June 14th, 1775
Hobbies: ruining perfectly good styrene scale models, reading and writing, world history and cultures, i am also a barncat farmer... i am up to 8 now, good movies esp Chinese/Hong Kong martial arts and period epics, fixing/breaking/creating mechanical things, small engine repair and maintenance, working on my own car instead of the mechanic, chickens and their eggs, cooking and baking, drawing - freehand and CAD - artistic and functional design, foreign languages, traveling to other countries (11 so far and Munich and Paris the longest/multiple trips), ignoring my siblings (i have 9), taking care of this house that my dad built in 1975, camping, hiking, hunting, canoeing, fishing, shooting, painting, rough carpentry...
Language: Amglish native speaker, basic French (Francaise, pas Quebecois), i know how to order beers and get slapped by random foreign women in several more languages...
Location: Massachusetts - now Maine
Occupation: staying sober, also a medically retired soldier/therapy patient (LOL!) I get paid from a small Army pension and my Post 9/11 GI Bill pays me a stipend to go to school, I have another year to complete an AS in CAD, then i want to work as a remote, contract CAD guy


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