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About Luvspinball

I built the Revell USS Constitution over 35 years ago, completing it in 1983. At the time, it was the most challenging model I had ever done. Since the age of about 8, I had built tons of cars and planes, graduated up to detailed 18 wheeler rigs, and finally moved on to building ships. This was the third and last ship I built, and my skills were what I would call "decent, bordering on pretty darn good." The original had custom cloth sails and a few custom modifications. But it was done "strictly by the book (directions)," and not historically accurate. Over the years, and many moves, the ship was damaged beyond repair and scuttled. I did manage to save the stern and few men, and kept them in my modeling kit. Over the years, I have built a custom dollhouse for my daughter, including all the furniture. I also enjoyed building models with my son, mostly modern fighter planes and tanks. But my old pinball bug got to me, and I started buying old, used pinball machines, restoring them, and then building custom modifications. When I purchased a new Stern "Pirates of the Caribbean" machine, I HAD to build ships for the top. Since Disney had not yet created the Black Pearl model, or the Flying Dutchman, I ended up building them both from scratch. And the ship-building bug was back. I had received a second Revell USS Constitition from my brother many years back, but had never opened the box, until now. Follow along as I re-build the USS Constitution. This time, I have done my homework. This will be a historically accurate reproduction, including lighting of the spar and gun decks, and a custom built Captain's cabin, complete with maps, pictures, and the correct positioning of walls, doors, etc. I also plan on putting in custom wood decking and lighting a few of the guns to simulate cannon fire. My skills have greatly increased over the years, as has my patience.

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Hobbies: Pinball, Golf, Woodworking, Fine Scale Modeling, Computers & Technology
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Occupation: Medical School Education, Associate Professor


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