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Are There Any Restrictions To Dog Breeds For Housing?


Are you seeking information regarding emotional support dog letter? If you’re lucky enough to have an emotional support dog and want to live with him then this article is for you. 


Have you ever wondered why doctors prescribe dogs as emotional support animals? Well, everybody is aware of how awesome and intelligent these furries are. They have a natural tendency to give emotional support and to provide physical protection. 



Even it has been confirmed scientifically that when you keep your dog or pet on your lap or near to your heart they actually soothe your heartbeat, blood pressure, and anxiety. 


There are two basic laws that protect the rights of emotional support animals and their owners and help them to live a better life.



  • ESA And The Fair Housing Act


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forbids any kind of discrimination on the base of disability either mental or physical that affects the quality of life. 

Following FHA, disability is defined as a physical or mental ailment that significantly affects the major life activities of a person. 

The ADA allows individuals or people to live in with their emotional support animals. However, your landlord has the right to ask you to present an esa letter for housing in order to confirm the authenticity of your pet.



  • ESA And ACAA 

The Air Carrier Access Act also permits you to fly with your emotional support animal without paying any extra fees.


Is There Any Dog Breed That Is Restricted By FHA?


Finally, all types of animals including all the species and breeds can be emotional support animals and therefore, are allowed to dwell with their owners. Whereas, the ESA letter online can now be avail from real ESA letter website


However, there are some limitations on specific breeds or species that differ from State to State. You should verify the list of rare or restricted animals before registering your emotional support animal. 


Here are some most reliable dog breeds that can make excellent emotional support animals.



Pugs are small puppies that are famous for their wrinkled skin and large, puppy eyes. These doggies are amazingly energetic. Pugs suit and act well with humans from children to the elderly.



Poodles are natural artists, amazingly communal and collective, super with children, hypoallergenic, superb at modifying to the atmosphere or environment. They usually live more than other dogs.  



The Pomeranian is a totally small breed frequently desired with the aid of elderly people who need an accomplice at the house. These little puppies want especially some exercising but they may take all the love and affection they are able to get.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are really multi-talented dogs, particularly renowned for their intelligence and qualities as well-coached dogs for divergent chores> Furthermore, they also require an US service dog registry to be done before adopting them 


 Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are joyful, lively and motivate you to chill when you’re down. They act as superb pets but they also serve as amazing emotional support animals. 


Golden Retriever

Considered to be at the top, the golden retriever is widely recognized for it’s active, dynamic, affectionate, and supporting behavior. They’re extremely communal and if you could tackle quite a few canine hairs in your house they’ll be best for you.


How To Register Your Domestic Dog As ESA?

You just have to visit your legal mental health professional and can ask him to register your dog as your emotional support animal letter


Emotional support animals are not for everyone and so is the letter. Doctors prescribe ESA to people who undergo depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychiatric conditions. Therefore, the ESA letter is only issued to people who meet the requirements under the civil rights law of the American with Disabilities Act. 


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