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About Nino

Life:  Born May  1952 in Philadelphia Pa.  Main modeling interests:  Sailing Ships-all Era's, and WWII:USS, DKM and HMS .  My First model was a USS Missouri, a small model, probably Lindberg.  I was 6. I tried to paint the deck and it looked BAD.  My Dad used gasoline to remove the paint- Yep, it melted the plastic! That put me off making ships my major interest. I tried Tanks and Planes  and a few Cars after that. Built Revell, Aurora, and Monogram kits.  All were built to Play with. I did the 8mm movie thing of models burning and blowing up.  My other interest, Music, took over by the time I was 13 and my Modeling activity took a back seat to buying Guitar strings and records.  I did Electrical Engeneering at Penn State followed by taking a job with IBM in late 1973.

 Other hobbies:  Photography, Electronics,  and Upkeep on a really big OLD Home ( Circa 1784 ).
Married since 1984; 2 Daughters, Four grandchildren, and one Really  BIG smart dog.

Employment:  43+ years at IBM. Retired May 31, 2016.    

Other:  Various  Rock Bands, Chief cook at Old Barneys Dairy Queen and Restaurant in Barnegat Light NJ and a small stint at Sears.  I also had a Partnership in a Photography Business  from 1975 to 1983.

Current Interests:  In 2012 I thought a Hobby would be a good thing to keep me "busy" when I retired.  I got interested again in model ships (Long Story) and, over the last several years, I begain to Read various Forums and purchase models to build when I retired. Glad I did.

Current Status: I am buying books on sailing ships, I am reviewing this form for various advice, and I have purchased a "stash" of model ship kits.  Since retiring I have made 3 model ships: a very small Glencoe Viking  ship, a Pyro Barbary Pirate,  and  a Pyro Brig of War ( I narrowed the hull a bit).  Update: I did a few Nautilus Subs (Revell,Lindber,g and Aurora), and a 1/700 Arliegh Burke. The Burke, at least,looks like a ship.

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