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About senojrn

I grew up a military B.R.A.T. but now live in SW Missouri, and have been building models since I was 5 (okay, so Dad built the first one--Monogram's 1/48 F4J Phantom--and I did the rest after that).  I started in 1/48 aircraft, then in & after college transitioned to 1/35 figures and armor.  This was mostly because you can fit a whole lot more 1/35 figures and armor on a shelf than you can 1/48 scale B-17s, B-24s, CH-53s, etc.  Someday though I WILL complete my complete Squadron of 91st Bomb Group (8th AF) B-17s...someday...

I have dabbled a little into 1/72 aircraft, but not much; mostly for the unique aircraft that are unavailable or uncommonly (thereby un-cost effective) in 1/48 (i.e. USCG aircraft).  WWII is my favorite era to model, but some modern aircraft--and a few figures--have captured my attention.  Like many others, my model stash is bigger than most of my family thinks I can build in a lifetime, but my goal is to prove them wrong.  The only problem the manufacturers keep producing kits that I "need."  Big Smile  Therefore, the stash keeps getting bigger!  But I DO honestly have plans for each and every model! 

My job and other things in life seem to draw me away from my modeling table, but I get back to it whenever I can.  However, the result is my models take alot longer to finish than I care for them to. is a hobby and I enjoy any and all time I can put into them! 

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