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Tanker - Builder

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  • From New Braunfels , Texas
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About Tanker - Builder

OOOPS ! I guess I didn't do this . I am a retired Civil and Marine engineer as well as having twelve years on the Bridge of tankers . An accident of fate put me in a foriegn port without a way home . I had my documents so I signed on with a well known company that had a slot open headed to the states .

 Besides running and building interesting businesses I chose to stay in a small shop building models for lawsuits , then Museums , then last but not least clients of a private nature . Been doing that close to 45 years now . Last commission underway and close to being finished .

    Married twice , Once to a Doctor and then just a fun Housewife type who loved to travel . Widowed from both . One little dog and a crazy bird . And one helluva stash . that is going in steps to the V.A. recreation department at Audie Murphy in San Antonio .

 I am on the board and am a Vice - President of modeling at a Train Museum and do volunteer work at the local Library in the bookstore as a Friend of the Library .

 I stay busy and look forward to modeling whatever and sharing my knowledge on this and other sites .  Doc ( Gary J . Geracci ( Tanker - Builder)

Profile Details
Birthday: 05-11-1943
Hobbies: Modeling and Woodcarving
Language: English , some German and some Spanish
Location: New Braunfels , Texas
Occupation: Retired Design Engineer P.H.D. , with a masters in Ship Design/Nuclear Power .


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