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Nannybots and Language

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Posted by GMorrison on Thursday, August 25, 2022 3:40 PM

Tanks, what's up with you?


This isn't the Gary we know and love.


It isn't that the bot dislikes the words. What it dislikes is when we call each other those words, and it has no way to read the intent.

Be calm, friend. Take a day and start reading that great American sea classic Moby Richard, or, The Whale.



 Modeling is an excuse to buy books.


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    October 2019
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Nannybots and Language
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, August 25, 2022 2:18 PM


      Yup, I finally had to comment on this In our language(Good Old American)! We have words based on old English,French, German,Spanish ETC! Now the Nannybots say we can't use them. Who writes their programs, some poor(Finanicially MyA#$) programer that has his or her head so far up you know Where, that they don't live in the real world and CAN"T HANDLE IT !!! At my age I see nothing wrong with the english words I learned in all the level of schools I attended

       Just  because you are offended by words that were around in names or general use before your generation was a gleam in someone's eye, don't take my language away from me. There's nothing offensive about it. It's all in your head! Go see a doctor! Don't put your sensibilities on Me! No wonders some folks my age when they get stricken by health problems that effect their Quality of life just say "Oh, The Hell With it".Give up and die!

         What are you gonna do? When at the firey gate, and you try to tell the man in charge it ain't fitting to call this new place you find yourself in Hell! He will make your stay hotter for sure!  Leave the spoken language alone! If it's not intended to be offensive then don't see it that way. Try to REALIZE WHY, it or that or they have that name to start with. You might be fascinated by what you find about the words Historically, good or bad.

         Many names for instance are connected to man's worst, War! The names of Planes, Ships, and Armor say it all. It reminde us what was going through society's mind at the time. What're you gonna do? Whitewash a couple of generations with this Casper Milquetoast attitude. It's in the Dictionaries, Enough already!!!!


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