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An Interesting Item. Yeah, About Model Ships --- Again!

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An Interesting Item. Yeah, About Model Ships --- Again!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 2:26 PM


     Now, we all know that Ships and Boats have a limited following. There were, quite a few years a few that were for decoration only. There were some of those very nice imports that found their way to H.L. They were wooden models of Riva ski type boats and quite attractive as static models. Even I thought that at $500.00 they were a little rich for the stuff the store usually sells.

     Then there those affiliated with Model Rail Roads. Walthers has two nice models, Well, actually three that fit here. A Very well Detailed and easy to build Tug ( can be built two ways!), A Rail Car barge and a Barge shoreside receiving apron. This is of course for H.O. only. Sadly they don't make other marine related items. Walthers isn,t junk. Now , go Back some years there was Preisser. They dabbled mostly in H.O. Rail Road Scenic kits. They had three somewhat generic little boats that converted to tour boats, day boats and ferry type boats, these also could be had-Same hull form, as Fishing Boats and Fireboats.

      I am presently prepping and H.O. scale model for building for a friend. It is a "Laker- H.O.Scale! Man, this thing is six Feet Long! Put out by a company called Bearco. Now I do know their phone has been disconnected so I am Assuming, they are Defunct, But you know how that word turns out! I personally like to build anything that floats. Be it Pleasure, Work or Military, if it floats I'll build it, yes! even Planes that Float! Which, to be honest, I am getting a little bored with Military and the "Cruise" industry items available. You See, the Titanic, no matter who's is still the same no matter who makes it! At least you CAN get different scale and type of Carriers( To Me, the most BORING ships in any Navy)!

     No! Don't get me wrong. With the Air wings, well done they are beautiful. But just a Carrier, No planes, a Flattop is just that, A Flattop! Minimal detail and a whole big space with Nuttin on it. Kinda like the Hornet Museum was before we started to get planes to Display! There used to be a fair group coming from out of Japan, and Korea, But again the limited interest did them in. I remember when Militarily we had, Sub Chasers and at least four different types of P.T Boats in the market and even the specialty Riverine Craft. Now at least the "Swift " is back. Thank You , REVELL of Germany!

   Ship models has always been heavily seen in the Wood Ship Categories and Yes, they can be beautiful if done right. Many never complete them, kinda like the Bigger plastic models of the Same Thing. Of Course most, unless Radio Controlled are Sailing Vessels.( there are some of those R.Cd too.) They would be the 12metre "yachts" Which seems to be the thought. If it isn't a Sailing type it ain't a yacht.

    There are so many out there and I am surprised that we haven't seen more from the majors in Fleet SUPPORT Vessels. Reefers, Ammo Ships, Tugs and Fueler barges and such. Some Naval history during the war and afterward was made by Ocean -Going Tugs and Salvage Tugs.(These are a way different Animal than harbor tugs,) -(Nowadays called "Ship Handling Units") that can spin in their own length and are almost as wide as long. Due to their type of drive! 

    Oh, there some examples out there, But few, and mostly those from Foriegn Flags! There was a spate of interesting vessels from R.oG. that fizzled out (Well, in plastic we are either Military or not) No Middle ground it seems, The S.A.R vessel " Herman Marwede is an example. GermanS.A.R. and beautifully done too!. But we have many interesting units here in the States too. Where are they? See, this could go on for another three pages. O.M.G.----NO! I just would even like to see some Destroyer tenders ,Sub tenders, and such, Even in 1/350 at least you could then do a dio! Oh Well. I would even Settle for a Re-Pop of Revell's old A.K.A. and A.P.A., at least you had most of the Fleet, Oh, and the Oiler too. But more modern editions Hmmm? 


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