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The Beholder? and Logical Progression of Design

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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, May 14, 2022 5:14 PM


    Hey, you picked another of my favorites Well, actually two LOL! I didn't name more because I was getting windy as usual! The specific reason I named the Yamato and her sister? If you look carefully it seems, the sheer line rises from the stern, Very slightly, to midship then Flattens out and slowly drops till it starts to rise again toward the Bow! All the better to handle the Pacific's bad moods, for sure!

    Remember the Japanese knew more about that ocean than the Allies did at the time. So, they really knew the signs of her Mood changes before they lost something! Now that Sheerline could be an optical illusion. I don't think so. 

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Posted by ikar01 on Saturday, May 14, 2022 4:44 PM

Ok, I agree with the Iowa and the Bismark/Tirpitz.  Those two were both good looking and powerful.  The Yamato type was just plain brutal in its looks and firepower.

For cars the 1973 Mustang Mach one would be my suggestion.  I had one and it was quite a machine.  The Plymouth Superbird is a good second choice.  Its cousin the Daytona was very similar but i think it was tuned down a bit but maintained its high profile.

For armor the M-1 is hard to beat and the Challenger would be a good backup.  For WWII I always liked two, the Stug and I have a soft sopt for the M-7.  I still remember seeing them in local parades when I was growing up.

Lighter armor I have to stick to the ones that I personnally drove.  The M-113 and the XM-706E2.

WWII aircraft I would have to agree with the P-47, especially the razorback version and then I'd go with the P-39.  My Father told me that the pilots were not happy sitting in front of the engine but having that 37mm helped.

In jets, two others that i have been around, the F-15 and F-106.  I was assigned to squadrons of both types the the 106 could do an amazing amount of damage, especially with its Genie rocket.  The F-15 was a great fighter and could handle almost anything it came up against at the time.  Along with that I'd put the F-14.

For down low I would say the A-10, the A-1 and the OV-10.

If you decide to have a look around there was nothing better that the SR-71 followed by the U-2.


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    October 2019
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The Beholder? and Logical Progression of Design
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, May 14, 2022 7:56 AM


        This is just some rambling. "What about"? You may ask. Look Carefully at your stash and your finished builds. Can you see something in certain things? For instance ,Think about this. We had fastback cars for a long time then they fell out of favor. After wind tunnel testing they came back. Which one best follows the Logical Progression of Design in this category?

        To Me it is the 67-68 Mustang Fastbacks. Now in Armor it's hard to say, But to me the most logical winners are the M1A1Abrams and the Stug/3 from W.W.2., I mean look at them! Sheer brute force in a Neat profile and a mean looking package! Your ideas may differ remember. This is not a fixed thing. For SoftSkins i would say any of the German Large Half tracks get my nod. The American, Late war Half Track gets the second nod.

        Now, Planes! There are many here ,some to numerous to mention. This is simple for me. The F-86 "Short Nose" and then the F-86D. Then we go to other air forces, The Germans had real Bad Boy in the M.E.262. Why? Look how beautiful that bird is for it's time. To some, "At The Time", something right out of the pages of Science Fiction!

    Our claim for brutally Beautiful is none other than the Massive P-47 and all it's iterations. The "Jug " just looks like it means Business! In Jets that is, to Me, split Between a fully armed and loaded out F-4-J or the same in an A-10 ready to take Names and kick Butt!

     Lastly is ships. There have been, many for many years in warships, Almost to many to count. So I will keep it to Capitol Ships.You get the drift right? Everyone has a favorite in all these categories so that's why I put these at the end. For the most beautiful and following the logical Progression of Design I nominate the American Iowa Class in All their iterations, Seconded by the Bismark and Tirpitz from Germany then The Musashi and yamato from Japan.Sheer fire-power on an absolutely powerful Fine sheered Hull.made for cutting the waves. Firepower, extraordinary, except two that kinda got lost in the furballs. The H.M.S. Rodney and Nelson. Certainly unique by themselves. Not withstanding The odd Above deck structures further aft than usual.

       I am not going to go further here. I just was thiking about this and thought I would share with you. I won't go into the Civilian category of shps as there too many. So, in your opinion, in your mind  which of these in the way you see it, follow the "Logical Progression of Design " for the job they were designed to do?? 



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