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A Trend??

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    May 2022
Posted by Eugene Rowe on Monday, May 23, 2022 8:12 AM

I hear you but don't forget that paper card models are not easy to build and is not a casual endeavor,like this paper 189=== tdbank com

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A Trend??
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, May 22, 2022 2:48 PM

Trends are funny things aren't they?

         I have been noticing, in my travels to Flea Markets ,Yard Sales and Craft Fairs too. What? A trend for the Mishapen Large headed little figurines seen in Manga. Plus the same in Cartoon Characters like Masters of the Universe Plus i have seen a re-surgence in Bobble Heads as well, unless they all are!

         Folks will collect them, that's okay, I collect things too, Models. Sure, I collect a lot of building materials because maybe a model of what I want, isn't available, so I build my own, instead of wood( Love the stuff really) but plastic. Why, well, everyone's interest varies to a degree.I just don't fit the norm. I would rather build MotorYachts than warships. Why, Well maybe it's because I lived on one for too long. Or maybe I just not satisfied with what's available in the scales I like to work in.

         There are times if you look carefully you'll see trends develop, and they are fascinating at the least. You wonder about that? Well, think about this. Some years back there was a resurgence of 1/700 scale. Tiny and all,well, too tiny for me. Before that it was 1/350. Nice size but in some cases to big.

         Motoryachts can be built in 1/72 or 1/48 and still not fill up a large bookcase. try that with 1/350 Carriers and BattleWagons! Destroyers yes, if you're talking W.W.2., The Aegis and others are kinda large. Aircraft started in 1/72 then the trend was to 1/48. Now folks are vieing more toward 1/32, That's some big Boidys, fer sure. The large scales have always been popular in Bikes and stuff, the large Auto niche was small and remains fairly so.

          But what I see, is sad in a way. Why can't Americans trend more toward the paper or card model in ships and planes? Just think,there's nothing you would use that is Chemically harmful to your child according to the state of California!! Oh, by the way when did they get national authority to call the shots, anyway? You could both sit ,chat, joke ,cut out your parts and share the Elmers or Aleens and build your models together. You could find yourself really spending quality time with your Son or Daughter teaching them how to roll dowel shapes and egg shapes, triangular and box shapes etc.

          I think I would like to see the trend of Families crafting together become a nationwide thing again. Now, that would be a Trend!


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