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Birthday Present

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Birthday Present
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 11:28 AM

 I think I may have posted about this .

            After the Time out situation I have lost track of so much. My landlady and friend gifted me "Take You on a Trip" Travel Trailer. It is put out by "Hobby Lobby" in their Dollhouse section. It is 1/24 and I gotta say it's a cutie, just for "Giggles and S&%$ts". It goes together quite simply and you can definitely improve on the fit of some items within it. I specifically think I mentioned that the wheels looked wrong so I went to the parts drawer and got my own .

            I have Scratch-Built an axle from Evergreen Plastic "I" beam material and rod for the wheels to slide on. I think after it's done I will have experienced a real "Kick in the Pants" awakening toward other type kits for sure. You do have to do some sanding and fitting and some of the glueing surfaces leave a lot to be desired, so keep the "Gorilla" super glue close by. Oh, on that, I have changed from "Bob Smith Industries Super Glue" to Gorilla for two reasons.

         One- and a good one. I am not driving 30 plus miles for an Eight Dollar bottle of the stuff(A 5 oz bottle). ( Bob Smith Product.)

         Two- also a good one. The"Gorilla" brand is as close as "Hobby Lobby" or even "Home Depot" or "Lowes" Less than two miles from me and a cheaper price.(I have a .15 gram bottle) and  I haven't even hardly dented the contents . That is how well it works!

            When "Hobbytown" in San Antonio closed it sure threw a wrench in the availability of hobby supply brands and selection. Oh sure, I am surrounded by Hobby shops. Let's see there's "Hill Country Hobbies" 42 Miles, "Lionheart Hobbies"37 Miles and "Dibbles Hobbies and Trains" 44 Miles. so you see they are there, But too far away."Hobbytown" was a one stop shop!

            Although it was 45 miles away I got all my R.C. Supplies, Paints, Glues and Static Models there! It was always fun to talk to the staff and they knew theirS&%$T! I never had any doubt when I left their parking lot that I had done well.

           Back to the Birthday Present! It also comes complete in that, besides the trailer model and ALL it's interior goodies It has the full suite of electrics for lighting, included. Try it You'll like it" ! T.B.


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