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Building a Whaleback--Part - 4

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Building a Whaleback--Part - 4
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 2:11 PM


     We have some confusion here. as mentioned by Don Stauffer. There's not many photos or even drawings of these available . Sooo-With that, follow me ,I promise you won't be totally disappointed.

       What you should have on your bench is a 2'x4' board with a discernable Bow and Stern, With bottle quarters glued lengthwise on her with a smaller Blend to deck line forward and a longer blended area aft.

    Looks weird doesn't it? You can do this, if you are uncomfortable with the bottle idea, is use Insulating foam sheet ( Blue). Glue a strip on the board and sand and carve to shape keeping the deckline straight from fore to aft in the main deck area. 

   Now the Pill Bottles . You can create an Egg shaped deckhouse aft. This will have the wider face forward. The curve on the decks will be normally cambered. Up Top you will mount Engine Skylights .No these look like the armored ones on early warships .Roof shaped units hinged fore and aft. Round small ports in the panels.

 Then take the thinnest bottle and saw the top off at an angle. I'd say about a 4 Degree slant aft. The top stays the same with a stack cap that looks like the wire frame of a baseball cap sitting on a ring. The ladder goes up the front and ends just below the whistle. The Forward Deckhouse is a smaller oval with the wheelhouse on top.

   This oval has the narrow end forward. The wheelhouse goes on top, of course. Rounded deck with noticeable camber makes the bridge deck. Ladders up are inboard of the wings and the wings are slightly oval in shape to each side .

     When you are satisfied with your method, then Bless the surfaces with a good heavy multiple layering of primer. We will sand and start detailing the next time . I will have an unusual twist for you then too. If I am being nuts, please will someone let me know? I am trying to paint word pictures and hopefully you are getting it .  T.B.


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