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Why? Train Sites or Stores?

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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, April 25, 2022 8:09 AM

Hi Greg;

       Oh My, you are bringing back lottsa memories. Yeah, I could do that, and have done that. Tha main gist here was the why of a shortage of marine (Anything) in most parts available. For instance. Did you know for those that Model Lake Ships ( Modern-from 1950 to 1994 inc.) there is virtually no place to get deck hardware necessary to those ships?

        This is what I mean, it's either buy Resin, or Brass, or make your own. Okay, for the sake of conversation. What if the person I speak of has Never built a ship Before, out of Plastic or any other viable Material, that most modelers take for granted? Maybe he's just started building models of a specific type and doesn't know the how,why, what, when, or where to acquire the knowledge or the substantial group of parts He or She will need for the project.

       I was lucky in that I was always an inventive Lad and could visualize what was needed and make it out of something. Not everyone can do that ! My Derriere still warms at the thought of the 8 foot oak 6" dowel my foster father needed for a home project. That, which I promptly turned into seven very detailed W.W.2 Submarines from all sides in the same wood. Oh, I also used Dice and Trim Nails and "Hair Wire" ( That's what he called it) For rails and stanchions and other features. Brass tube for periscopes etc..

       Yes, I lost my allowance for two months. That Oak was selected for it's super fine grain for his project. Why the worry? He was what was known then as a "Tool and Die Maker". He had to sometimes work this wood into molds "Male", for which the casting "Females" would be then made. I set his project back by two months! The Derriere warming was caused by the application of an item known as the "P" Paddle. Set strokes for the offense and set force for the same. Yes, I know Paddling today is considered Child Abuse. Funny, I have never been accused of criminal activities or knowingly brought harm to someone or took what wasn't mine! So I guess it worked!

        Okay, No lectures on Childrearing. This is about model parts! I found out that some companies in Model Railroading are now gearing up for just this. As to how or when I don't know.This was the news I recieved at our Train Museum/Club show. Catchya Later!

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Posted by gregbale on Sunday, April 24, 2022 4:05 PM

TB, back in the days before resin sites like Shapeways existed...and when I was a poor student who couldn't afford even white metal or Britannia fittings for my commission builds...I would regularly cast my own parts from Durham's Water Putty, available (cheap) from any hardware store. I'd make a master from styrene stock or scrap...cast it in cheap-tube RTV silicone from the hardware or auto-parts store...and cast as many as I needed.

Great for things like ventilators, hatch covers and such...though, admittedly, not much good for ladders or thin suff like stanchions.

I even built custom industrial models with the stuff. The water putty was fine-grained and would replicate even delicate detail quite well. It would dry rock-hard, but was easy to sand and surprisingly durable. Just needed super glue or wood glue, epoxy (or even PVA) rather than styrene cement. Took paint like a champ.

It's a great cheap alternative to the pricey aftermarket stuff, if you've got the time and the gumption to mess with it.



George Lewis:

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    October 2019
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Why? Train Sites or Stores?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, April 24, 2022 11:47 AM


       I have to get this off my chest. I have been building ships for probably close to 40 yrs. for clients. Question, Why is it, that to find the detail parts besides Rails and Ladders in P.E. Everything else has to be found on Model Railroad Vendors sites, Train Shows or Hobby Shops dedicated to trains???

     I mean c'mon here! The idea of Deck wood or woodlike stickers is to me silly. Who really needs a wood deck in 1/700 or1/350? You cant see the wood grain that s,all anyway. What about Old and New style vents and Lifeboats.Where do we get those? Resin sites? Sure, If you are building for a client you can amortize the cost. For Yourself, Not so Much.

      Oh! On that there's no real complaint. I realize resin is not cheap! But for my ships if I am not getting paid, it's out of my budget. Why not Vac-U-Form parts like you can get for Planes or Cars? Ship Wheelhouses (Pre1996) can be Vacced out of .030 or .020 Sheet .Then if it's clear ( Like a present Client's ship) then you tape off the windows and paint the house the color it needs.

      Easy Peasy. But those old style vents you see on say the "Ugh",Titanic and others of her ilk were also present for a long time on Freighters and Liners and Tankers. Yes, I dislike the mention of the Titanic. There are so many civilian Ships, (Not Hotels on Barges with a Theme park aboard) that I just cannot stomach another model of her. What about -Never Mind I won't go there!

     But this is about detailing parts (NON -Brass) Having to be found in a store most normally don't visit. So I guess what i am saying, Why?, if they are out there don't these companies advertize their products in out favorite Mag. They are all published by the same responsible Company. I guess they aren't interested in anyone but Train modelers buying their products.

     They don't even have to advertise maybe once a year or just a single line letting folks know they are there and can be reached! Plain and simple .We NEED more purveyors of Ship Detail parts that are not Just Brass!


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