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Question for Paper Modelers .

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    June 2004
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Posted by mhvink on Monday, July 30, 2018 4:49 PM

Larry (AT6) is right, that is a pirated copy.  The way that most of the eBayers get around it is that they will sell you a printed copy of the pirated kit (even when the actual kit is free).  eBay won't pull the ad unless the actual copywrite holder complains and shows true proof of ownership.

All we can do is not buy from them, but ask questions and do your research to find the original source of the kit in question.  You can ask here, or at or, where most of the paper modelers like to hang out.

Besides, most of us paper guys are cheap and free is always good. . .


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Posted by AT6 on Monday, July 30, 2018 11:57 AM

You apparently got a pirated copy. The Lilla Weneda is a free download at the Digital Navy website. Some of their other downloads no longer seem to work, but that one does.

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Question for Paper Modelers .
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 9:30 AM

Hi ;

   This , I think is an important Question for us .There have been many old line purveyers out there and some not so new , but not super new ones . I specifically mention here Digital Navy :

 My understanding was , it's an American or British Company or Individual . The reason I am asking is this , and Pawel you can answer , as you seem to be on the forefront of knowledge for me .

 I recently Bought, on Line, a paper model of a Vessel . Her Name ? The Lilla Weneda, HomePort- Szcecin or Chechin . 

 Now down on the heavy pages there is  logo with "Digital  Navy " in it  . Now there is a name or something else . A trademark register symbol and the name Roman Delyna .The last I don't know is that a typeface type or someone's name ? 

 My Question is basically , is Digital Navy still in Business ? This came from a vendor on The Bay and I am concerned that it might be pirated . Why ? Fully expecting an American address , I was surprised  it came from Shanghai !

 The Senders name on the Envelope is in Mandarin , But the rest is printed in english .

 The reason i post this is this .I don't want to richen someone's coffers if it isn't the right , legal , purse !


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