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1/250--Andrea Doria

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1/250--Andrea Doria
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, November 21, 2020 9:12 AM

Okay; Go ahead and say it.

        This old man is a glutton for punishment. Think so Huh? Well, you're wrong! This may be a JSC model. BUT, it is the most complete in both it's simplicity, but, also in it's easy numbered parts that are a whole lot easier to read and find.

      Yeah, some of the deck fittings are a headache.  I haven't found a Plastic or Card model whose small parts aren't a pain in the Derriere! Now here's the nice part. On what would be delicate one thickness or overlap glued parts  they have included " Reserve" parts!

       I have gotten by the part of connecting the frames( Large Detail Kit) to the Card triangular spine. ( Strong Puppy,That !) The ship is bigger than the spine by over five inches. But, as you get to building, I found an easy way to not get confused.

       Take the Card pieces and glue them to the corresponding Detail part. These parts appear to be a Miniature type of thin Plyboard or Compressed cardboard. They can actually be cut with a Saw I don't remember the name of.(Looks like a razor Blade and cuts on both sides!) Anyway you can also cut it with a Very sharp X-Acto or Scalpel type number 11 Blade.

       I will say this about Card Models. I don't know the Paper grade they use But even a piece no bigger than the "O" " you see here can get ruined real quick. If you get more that a pinhead of glue( very thin ) on it it will turn Soft and un-Manageable. So be careful with this one.

       She' is a straight forward build with lots of pieces. The truth is, This is prpbably the overall BEST kit in terms of quality of base material, Printing ,Color and just plain ease of building. Best " Double Kit" I have ever had in Card. Her Nemesis( The Stockholm ) is included. Both are awesome builds!

      Going back to gluing the Paper frames to the Special frames. Glue the paper on the same side and direction, they tell you to put the numbered side of the corresponding part! This way you've done a little extra, BUT, you won't get derailed on the Sub- Assemblies on the Bow and Stern. There are small parts that need to go on both ends for hull part stability and contour. Don't cheat here! Oh , Don't forget to cut off the tabs, you won't need them.

        Now, Here's something I bet you didn't think of, Plastic and regular Wood modelers. These " Special Parts" for these ships, don't extend to the Stockholm. ? I don't know why. Now get out your hand sanding block, Papermodelers! The Special Frames have to be sanded to the contours like wood or the parts WON"T fit right in the curves of the STERN or The Flare of the BOW.

       But you should see the finess in the trial fit of the hull side parts. Awesome! And I am even NOT ready to go there yet! I trial fitted the Christoforo Columbo Panel to check my work! YES, To your question. With a simple change in panels you can build the Doria's Sister Ship. ( They were Identical Twins) Both truly the Pinnacle of beauty and efficiency of design in their day. Too bad they didn't have better Radar or trained Better operators back then.

      I don't Know as a shipmodeler if you are interested in These two historic Models in paper. It's modern History, yes! But! still fun for liner afficionados to see built. Too bad they never came out on plastic in any scale!

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Posted by Space Ranger on Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:02 AM

I have both the Andrea Doria and Stockholm models. I'm thinking of taking both to Kinko's and copying them at 1/350 scale and using the copies as templates for scratch-building in sheet plastic.

The collision of those two ships was the first big media event I remember (I was 9 years old) and I've been fascinated by the story ever since.


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    October 2019
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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, November 23, 2020 12:36 PM

Hi Space Ranger;

     I gotta tell you.This event forever changed my way of thinking about "modern"radars at that time. We had one on the "AveMaria" but it wasn't working that day. Nothing but green snow on the scope!

 We were on our way out to fish anyway. Everyone had their eyes peeled. We saw the two collide and had to remain for all the aftermath. Bait had to get freezered that day. Fifteen hours later the Coast Guard released us to return to the pier! What an event for a teenager!

 Let me tell you that was a memorable day for me. That is why I have a soft spot for the "Smaller Liners like the ones REVELL had, like the Brazil/Argentina and the Oriana/Canberra types. These ships were around during the period when ocean travel had softened terribly. Then the " Cruise" ships were Born. I think where most are concerned they kept the Afterbirth and threw out the Baby. Gosh, they are ugly!

 And really, a floating theme park?Who really needs a Kart track on a ship? Or a waterpark like we have here in New Braunfels with Schlitterbahn? Things have gotten out of hand . Think " Costa Concordia". I know that it was " Human Error". But to break a ship that large!

 Ah! They just don't build them like they used to!

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    October 2019
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Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 6:26 AM


     Scratch-Building in plastic is no stretch. I have started using the patterns almost exclusively for that. The Konig-Went that way. I have the hull built and shaped, but other things interferred.

 When I get to the decks and hardware I hit my parts boxes. Build ships for 72 years, Well, that's a lot of ship parts in all scales.


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