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The building of the HMS Beagle

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The building of the HMS Beagle
Posted by Having-fun on Monday, February 20, 2023 7:03 PM


I received today the box containing Occre HMS Beagle, I opened the package and it looks like it that there are no missing parts, but, is to early to tell, in any case it comes with an order form to order any part that may be missing.


I looked at the documentation and they look pretty good, a lot better than the one that comes with Artesania Latrine. Part of the documentation is a listing of Youtube films ( over 140 of them ) that supposedly goes step by step on how to build the model. The actual paper instructions has a lot of clear photos and what looks like a very clear schematic on how to do the rigging. There is minimal written instructions, but, with all the photos and Youtube films, there may not be a need for written instructions.


I will try to keep every one up to day with the construction.


Until next time.



Open box

PD: Started on February 20 2023

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Posted by Tcoat on Monday, February 20, 2023 7:12 PM

Very cool and I must follow. I have never been brave enough to tackle one of these before.

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Posted by fox on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 10:10 PM

I'll be hanging in here too Joe. Looking forward to seeing this build.

Tcoat, If you've had any experience with working with wood, I think you'd have no problems building one of these kits. From what I've seen of your building skills I'd say "Try it, you'll like it". Wink Start small and work your way up.

Stay Safe.

Jim Captain

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Posted by Having-fun on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 5:56 PM



I have attached the decks and also plank them, the ship is coming along fine thanks to the Youtube step by step instructions together with the printer photos, when together makes it relatively easy to follow and do what needs to be done. The written instructions are simply an overview, if there were no other Youtube and or photos and diagrams, it would be very difficult to build this model.

So far the instructions that came with this model are 90 to 95% helpful, better than those that come with some of the plastic models.

Next is to prepare the hull to start the planking.

Until them


Top decks

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Posted by rob44 on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 6:09 PM

You may want to visit and join the Ships of Scale site.

The have multiple build logs and sections of helpful tutorials on things such as planking and rigging.

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Posted by Having-fun on Thursday, February 23, 2023 6:26 AM

Good site, thanks, I have saved the link.


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Posted by lurch on Thursday, February 23, 2023 11:45 AM

I will be checking that out as well. Thanks for the info.

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Posted by CapnMac82 on Friday, February 24, 2023 1:55 PM


Occre has a pretty good reputaion out there in the wood-building community.

Because of the curves in the bow. you may want to get some softer balsa or some closed-cell foam to fill them in for laying the planks over.

You will need to taper the forward end of the planks to get the geometry right.

But both of those are likely covered in the videos.

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Posted by GMorrison on Friday, February 24, 2023 3:35 PM

Theres a product I like called "Balsa-Foam". It's a bit spendy but nice to work with, its extruded polystyrene.

Blick sells it. Amazon too.



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Posted by Having-fun on Saturday, February 25, 2023 2:34 PM


Here is today's update

I have started to add the first level of planking, yesterday I spend some time bending the planks to fit the hull. The instructions tell you to put the planks over the canon windows, then cut them open, I decided that is is easier to simply cut the planks to fit between the windows so it will be easier and less material to cut. I am using crazy glue for the first plank then wood glue for the rest as per instructions. So far so good, Following is the photo showing the progress made.

Until next time


first plank

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Posted by Having-fun on Sunday, March 12, 2023 4:40 PM


Hot from the presses! Another update:


I finished installing the first plank level and I am very advanced on the second level, ( see photo) I continue to follow the instructions provided by Occre and their You Tube short videos. These videos show, with a lot of details, what and how the steps are to be done, I have learned a lot on the proper way and tricks in laying out the planks.


I do have a question regarding the glue, Occre indicates that contact cement is to be used to put the second course of planking, so, I went ahead and used it, but, I have run into a problem. The instructions that comes with the cement indicates that the planks are to be "painted" with the cement and so the side of the hull, and to wait  about 15 minutes, then start mating the items, and for the most part this work fine, but for some reason some areas do not stay glued, they separate the moment I release the pression of the part.


Thinking that I may not be putting sufficient glue on both parts, the second time I made sure that they both had plenty of glue, and instead of waiting 15 minutes, I waited 10 minutes. This time it worked better, but I still had several areas were the glue will not hold. Any ideas why?


Well until next time



second plank


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Posted by Having-fun on Friday, March 17, 2023 12:53 PM



I have completed the planking on the ship, I also added the "strakes" and the "chaffing boards" to both sides of the hull ( first photo ). I also added the decorations inside the hull as per instructions ( second photo ) Next step is to do some painting with clear polyurethane to seal and protect the outside of the hull.

Once the paint is dry, the next step is to mask the null as per instruction and add the black and white paint.

The model is coming up nice, the fact that the instructions are good allows me to continue with the project and to concentrate in making it as good as possible.

Until next time


Ship side

ship top


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