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WETSANDING and HOW to do it

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WETSANDING and HOW to do it
Posted by tankerbuilder on Thursday, October 27, 2011 8:57 AM

Is your workplace devoid of plumbing ? Does the better half get on you , for using the kitchen or bathroom sink ? Well , here,s a solution that is both cheap and easy .Go to the grown-ups hobby store , (That,s right, HOME DEPOT !) Now go to the aisle where they have concrete and plaster mixes and tools.There is where the answer lies . Look for mixing trays .They are made of plastic or metal and they are various sizes . Pick the black one that is 48"x24"x8". This will fit on most work tables or on your pickup,s tailgate (if you have the latter) You can fill it with anywhere from one to six inches of water and it,s large enough to allow work on some very big models. Shoot ,my FLOWER CLASS CORVETTE even fit in there ! This allowed me to place it upside down and sand that hull as smooth as a baby,s bottom ! Now ,there is one drawback  , That is , you have to be very careful handling the thing with water in it . WHY ?  Well,  When it,s got liquid in it it flexes like a wet noodle if you don,t pick it up right .The ends are rounded and water WILL slop over them . SO, I recommend putting it on a hard flat surface beforehand and then load it with water .OH, for better sanding add two or three drops of DAWN dishwashing detergent .This will help keep the sandpaper from clogging up. There you have it . I have even used mine on my workbench without any problems . I just keep a bucket close by to dump out the water when I am done . If you do have this problem of no plumbing close by , this will definitelykeep peace in the family. Happy Sanding !!!   tankerbuilder


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