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Watchit ! That spoon is Hot

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Watchit ! That spoon is Hot
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Sunday, February 10, 2019 8:26 AM

 Here's a short one for you Space modelers and others if you choose .

    I needed a few covers for the Auto Turrets on my Monogram B-29 . The originals were long gone . Enter a metal measuring spoon the right diameter. Now I took a dowel and setting it on a stiff piece of foam tapped the dowel until the bottom of the spoon was nicely domed and even . I then heated said spoon with a Bic lighter and proceeded to heat that puppy !

 End result , after spraying PAM on it then laying .040 plastic on it .Three perfect domes for those guns . Don't laugh ! I see that smirk ! Yes , ordinary Metal Kitchen utensils can be perfect molds for modeling projects .You don't " Smash or vacuum  ", You just let the heat do the job !

 I have found it very neat for doing Bubble tops for cars and plastic domes for large models .A Melon Baller is perfect for doing Astrogator's domes on large models .

 Take an empty Beer can .Cut off the top and then make a handle for it .When you get done you have a mold for a large plane cowl ring .You can use salvaged spray cans of different sizes for this too . Take the Product out .Depress the nozzle until you do not hear any product or propellant coming out .

 Then Carefully take a scratch awl and pierce the can near the rounded top . Now let it vent some more .This is Not dangerous if you follow these hints exactly ! Do NOT Deviate from them ! Now cut the can to the depth you need .Spray the Pam  On the can then heat said can drop your .020 or .010 piece of plastic on it and slowly work it around and down .Viola a plane cowling !

     Do you need a shallow dome in clear ? take that smooth stainless serving spoon Pam it , Heat it and drop your plastic on there .Let it cool and remove the piece .In all instances wash the plastic you've molded in Dawn dish water let air dry and you'done it . Remember To tell anyone what I said in the title ! T.B.       P.S. On the spray cans .They MUST be the type drawn in a punch press , NOT , the ones with the separate bottoms !


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