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Found a New TOY--For me that is!

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Found a New TOY--For me that is!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 9:34 AM

Hi Ya'll;

         Okay I found a New Old toy. I have as you know, a Landlady that does Stained Glass. Well, she had a firing of a beautiful three layer Bird piece that went awry in the Kiln! It cracked the base glass and the pieces stuck, But they were cracked all the way through in spots.She refired with the Same C.O.E. It's a glass measuring table for firing heats and stuff .Any way, they fused on the bottom Catching the pieces and forming them together. But, it made the original cracks rise like a earthquake Fault across the whole thing.

         She asked me what I thought. I recommended the two part clear resin in the syringe like tubes. Well, she's never used resin. Actually, neither had I much, years ago. But I told her I would try. So she got me a little stringe pak at Dollar Tree. Well, till I ran out it worked. Five minute Pot Life, But very aggravating to get started. The resin didn't want to exit the tube the same time as the hardener. When it did, it spattered on my shirt and my Glasses! See! always wear shop Glasses!That would've been my Optical Orb if I hadn't beeen wearing my prescription safety glasses with the side shields!

         Anyway, by doing thin layers I got the first two inches fixed, and the Canyon there disappeared with a nicely rounded, Glossy top. When the light hits just right, You can see the canyon as an optical Illusion, Well, I needed more to fix the remainder of the canyon and the flub on the bottom. She went to Hobby Lobby I believe and got some JB Weld Clear in the same Format(the Syringe) in a larger package. Well wouldn't you know it worked in conjunction with the other product and made a flawless fix. Now I am going to do the bottom.

      This stuff solved a problem for me on the H.O. scale ship! The Loads of Coal( to be modified to look like Taconite) in the open hatches DID NOT react well with Super Glue, Didn't even work with Bondic!, and or Regular plastic glue of any type. Enter this JB Weld. Gottchya!, It worked perfect. Whatever the plastic is in the loads sure as heck ain't styrene. I think it's the same material that the hard tires that A.M.T. used on the early Hammer the Wheel Center /Hub in the tire, 3 in 1, Customizing Kits were made of. I think that stuff was the same that they used to make Hair Combs out of. 

       Anyway, The whole gist here is this, I will definitely keep some of this in my work area now. 


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