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AK Superchrome test

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AK Superchrome test
Posted by snapdragonxxx on Saturday, March 19, 2022 1:33 PM

I finally got hold of some and it is not cheap.



This is AK Interactave's latest product and this will be the must go to for those bare metal bird builders. BE WARNED though. IT IS NOT CHEAP.


The 60ml bottle cost me the best side of £18 and I thought that it would be best if I also got the bottle of thinner/cleaner too ( It does both!)


So I went with a real world test. A 1/35 V2 Rocket. The survivor of an abortive Takom build.



Taking it out of the cardboard box you get the normal looking 50ml dropper bottle and being nosey I unscrewed the top.




This has a strong smell to it which is not a nice one so use this in a ventilated environment.


There is not much in the way of instructions with nothing about shaking the stuff, airbrush pressures etc. I just went with my bog standard Vallejo 18-20 PSI, put some in the brush and without priming set to work.



Once I figured out that mist coats is not going to get the mirror stuff I opened the nozzle a bit and just started covering an area with multiple passes and I got more or less the result I have been trying to get for ages for a polished metal bird. You don't have to be gentle with this stuff but also not heavy handed. Nicely in the middle and a bit to the light area of that will give you a wonderful result.


In daylight the first coat after drying overnight looks like this:



THe plurb on the bottle says that so long as the surface is clean and flat(?) it will stick and be ok. I certainly havent noticed any melting or anything by applying it to bare Takom plastic. The writing also says that you can apply it on black primer too so I went with a coat of Gloss Black Base from Vallejo Model Colour and left that to dry overnight.



I then applied some undiluted from the bottle Super Chrome. just putting it on like I would a normal base coat. I also added a second coat to the unprimed painted area I did the previous night.




I also put 2 drops of thinner/cleaner and 8 drops of paint and mixed them in the brush and went with another un-primed area,



I gave it 6 hours drying time and then did a masking tape test. It looked like there were some paint residue on the masking tape but I could not really tell and a visual inspection of the paint showed the surface as unmarked.






If you want to do a bare metal bird with that polished look then this is what you need. There are other applications for this too such as hydraulic pistons etc. Not Cheap, stinks  but a must have in your paint trays along with its partner in crime! DO NOT USE ANY OTHER THINNER/CLEANER with this paint.



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Posted by PFJN2 on Saturday, March 19, 2022 7:43 PM


That looks really nice sofar.



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Posted by Real G on Saturday, March 19, 2022 9:26 PM

That third photo of the nose cone looks super!

“Ya ya ya, unicorn papoi!”

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Posted by DUSTER on Saturday, March 19, 2022 10:30 PM

Well that seems to be another contender in the "Is It REALLY Chrome?" race by paint suppliers to get us what we need to model our chrome.  Good reportage, I now will "have" to add yet another paint to my list, Thank You---dang itWink


Building the perfect model---just not quite yet  Confused

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Posted by snapdragonxxx on Sunday, March 20, 2022 5:29 AM

It is my intention to get hold of HK Models' B-25 Glass Nose or even their B-17 G and use this all over followed by paint masks for insignia etc. I think the result should be stunning!

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Posted by oldermodelguy on Sunday, March 20, 2022 7:07 AM

That certainly looks worth the investment. I see a restored AT-6 done in that. Or something like a DC6 airliner. And wondering if it would polish up to full chrome for a car (28-30's era) radiator shell or grill. Some kit chrome is just off, it's shiny but the tone is off in some cases.

Nice find, I wasn't aware of this paint till now.


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