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A Comprehensive Essay Editing and Proofreading Guide

As you advance as an essay writer, your editing and proofreading prowess will improve too. Many beginner writers tend to skip this part altogether or give it the littlest of times during the essay process. They tend to hand in the essay soon after they finish it, not realizing the difference editing and proofreading has upon the grade.

When you have reached upon your final draft, you can always opt to send your essay to a legit essay writing service for proofreading. However, it is better if you do it on your own as it gives you the opportunity to identify your writing problems so you can work on improving it.


The first step in the process is making sure that you have answered the essay prompt and fulfilled the essay criteria. You might take out the marking scheme or look at the various essay recommendations to measure your essay performance. Each part of the essay should take its part in answering the main question and its parts.

You should be able to identify the essay’s main argument in the essay. The main argument should be supported by the arguments and points following it.

Next, you will look for the appropriate use of your research. The sources shouldn’t be outdated and should not omit any of the research outcomes.

The references and citations should be checked for their accuracy and correct format both in-text and in the bibliography.

Once the changes have been made, your cheap essay writing service should go through this initial process once again.



At this point, you will look for sentence-level accuracy as well as paragraph-level consistency. Make sure that each paragraph holds only a single idea and connects with other paragraphs proceeding and following it.

There should be a sentence variety in your sentences without any choppiness. Correct the sentences with the wrong verb-tense agreement, while also changing the voice from passive to active.

The essay’s presentation should be flawless and according to the guidelines of research paper topics, you will check if the essay fulfills the formatting requirement regarding the reference style, font, text size, footnotes, citations, and bibliography.



The last step of this process is checking for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and style.

You should proofread with a fresher mind, not right after the essay writing process. Initially, you can run the text through an online proofreading tool or software. The essay should then be looked at in physical form on a piece of paper or in a format that makes the essay look unfamiliar to you.

The grammar and punctuation errors are easier to catch with time as you get more acquainted with their rules and as you read and write more.

The style of the writing should also be checked and corrected where it veers away from the formal academic style and tone. The use of the right vocabulary and word choice is essential to maintaining the style.


Peer Review

The practice of peer review is very beneficial for students. They learn to correct the mistakes in structure, style, as well as in the content of the essay. Most of the writers will miss major mishaps and mistakes in their words counter for essays due to its familiarity; the peer review points out these mistakes for the writer.

It is important that you keep aside time for the proofreading and editing part when planning your essay. Make sure you finish the essay draft early so you can afford to take breaks between various proofreading sessions. Lastly, you should make good use of the feedback that you get from your instructor.


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  • Has bona fide and applicable sources
  • Is composed with complete arranging and framework
  • It is impeccable
  • It is submitted on time

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