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The first stage in becoming a leader is becoming responsible for your own actions and losing dependency. Even if you are a student who relies on your parents for housing or finances, you can still become emotionally independent. Do chores voluntarily and contribute to meals by offering to cook. If you make a commitment to your parents, teachers or friends, honor it. Demonstrating that you are a responsible person earns trust, without which you cannot lead.


There are various ways you can gain respect, but intimidation is not one of them. If you disagree with someone, approach that person with diplomacy and not with argumentative fireworks you must know how to write a descriptive essay and dissertations. Even if it might be trendy, avoid making fun of people who are strange or weaker than you. Ignore peer pressure to do stupid things. Leadership starts at earning the respect of others, and you cannot earn that respect without giving it.


Of course, the central reason people follow a leader is because the leader is confident in what he or she is saying and doing. If you are not a naturally confident person, this stage takes practice. Have the certainty of your convictions to stand up for what you believe in when the time is right. If you are being bullied, address the situation either through verbal confrontation or through another authority figure. Most importantly, when confronted with people who disagree with you, do not be afraid to demonstrate your disagreement. Hiding your opinions is a sure way to get people to ignore you, so let those inner feelings shine.


Leadership is not something you can practice in a mirror. You need real-world experience. Some of the most introverted people surprise themselves when they are forced into a position to lead other people and they do it well. Try to get promoted at work, be a vocal leader in student groups or run for class president. Having the audacity to throw yourself into a leadership role earns yourself some credibility right off the bat. After some time in the role, you should start to notice that you are no longer nervous about leading others.

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