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iLife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum: FAQs & Clear and Unbiased Answers (Without All the Hype)

The era we are living in is wondrous, from the functionality of smartphones, to electric cars and artificial intelligence. Still, many of us are counting on a similar type of vacuum cleaner that our grandparents used. Although they are undeniably beneficial in their fantastic ways, they are the same at the core. Have you ever thought of stepping into the cleaning future and bringing home an impressive machine such as the iLife V3s pro robotic vacuum?

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Its performance is fantastic while the cost is among the least expensive on the market these days. In other words, it is a budget model that delivers. While it does have its flaws, this unit is genuinely great for the price. Do you want to know about it inside and out? Then, read through these FAQs!

What is it?

It has a compact body and a robust 2600 mAh power unit which lets it work for 100 minutes or so between charges to maintain your house’s cleanliness. The robot can operate independently on just about every kind of surface. It comes with three cleaner modes and a remote control.

With the remote control, you can schedule cleaning tasks, guide it to an area you wish it to detail clean, or return the machine to the charging station.

Generally, the simple controls and powerful suction make this best iLife robot vacuum an appealing option.

How about its design?

Are you in the market for a robotic vacuum with a modern look to complement in the house? If so, this product may be your favorite. It is elegantly white with gray and black trim

Also, this unit has a 3-inch height and 11.8-inch width, making it one of the smallest robot cleaning machines on the current market. Many times, you may not notice it doing its work. Plus, the slim design allows the robot to travel under your sofas, bed frames, etc. with ease.

What are the cleaning modes?

Three modes enable it to tackle various situations.

  • Auto: navigating autonomously in the required areas. As it does not feature path planning, it is likely to cover the same space more than once.
  • Spot: navigating in terrains with the spiral pattern for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Edge: navigating along the side of the wall and detailing along its path.

A summary of this robot vacuum cleaner’s features?

  • Compact design
  • Pet hair care technology
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Schedule in advance
  • Easy operation
  • Smart sensors
  • Extra-large wheels for seamless cleaning
  • Maximum climbing height of 10mm
  • Runtime up to 100 minutes
  • Durable battery
  • Auto-charging
  • Impressive air filtration
  • One-year warranty

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How well does it deal with pet hair?

Are you looking for a fantastic robotic vacuum for dog and cat hair? If yes, this model should be yours. The high-tech pet hair feature enables it to get rid of the hair from any surface fast. Also, it is good at keeping harmful allergens out of your living space by getting into and cleaning those difficult-to-reach places.

Does it work well on bare floors?

According to the iLife V3s review, this machine has good navigation across bare floors. Although it is not superbly quick, it is relatively thorough. The unit does a fantastic job on marble, wood flooring, and tiles.

Further, you may want to rely on the Edge mode. With it, the robot can grab all the dust and dirt that gathers along your walls and baseboards.

Is it a good vacuum for carpets?

It does not come with many brushes, but this model surely has adequate suction power to handle grime and dust from your low pile carpeting. The capability of climbing up small inclines allows the device to travel from your bare floors onto the carpets seamlessly.

What if the V3s pro robot vacuum comes back to its charging station for recharging during the scheduled time?

Will the machine resume its work following the scheduled cycle after recharge? It only responds to the scheduled cleaning time once per day. After the recharge, it will work automatically once the next schedule time comes. Use the remote control to send a specific command if you want the unit to clean now.

Why does your robot sometimes not return to the charging home base for recharge?

Be sure there is approximately one meter of unblocked area on two sides, and two meters or so in front of its charging station. To prevent disturbing the trickle charge, please do not place the home base near any appliances with high wattage - for example, fridge or TV.

Will it keep cleaning until the cycle is complete?

Yes. According to the iLife vacuum reviews and the manufacturer’s claims, it will continue with the tasks unless the battery gets low and it goes back to the station, or you press the PAUSE button.

Is touching the charging pins on the home base or the bot dangerous?
No. Their max output voltages are in the safe range for any human contact.

Will the model affect your pets?

It is pretty quiet when working and will not generate squeaky sounds. That is why it is not likely to give your pet any discomfort.

Why does it sometimes fall down the stairs despite its anti-fall system?

The possible reasons are:

  • You placed the carpet beyond the steps. The machine will consider them as a continuation of the carpeted floors and keep moving to do cleaning, thus falling over the edge.
  • The cliff sensors are grimy, which can block the device’s view. Think about cleaning the sensors.
  • You have reflective flooring. This will affect the functionality of the robot’s detectors. Consider adding barriers to avoid falls.

Is it user friendly?

Not completely. The unit features a handle, but it is not genuinely convenient. Instead of using it as a connected robot, you need a remote control to run the machine. That said, the remote comes with every basic functionality.

While the battery powers it, the advantage is that the bot will operate for up to 100 minutes before needing a recharge.

Also, with the Auto mode, your house can be cleaned even when you are not at home. Although its 300 ml dirt bin capacity could have been larger, it is an acceptable size considering the size of this vacuum. Without sensors indicating a full bin, it advisably should be emptied after each use.

What is excellent about its filtration?
The air filtration is a smooth combo of mechanical pre-filter and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) post-filter. This is helpful to everyone, not only those with allergies and asthma.

Although you can wash the filters, you should replace them after some time based on the cleaner’s level of use and the dirt amount and type. This vacuum is not for handling moist/wet dirt, so the filters need thorough drying before being put back into the machine.

What to do if the iLife V3s pro robot sucks in liquids by accident?

Turn off the electric switch right away. After that, dry the suction passage, filters, and dustbin. When the parts are dry, install them again. You should be ready to operate it as normal.

How about maintenance?
It requires low maintenance. Some of the tasks you should do to take care of the vacuum are:

  • Empty the dirt bin after each use
  • Clean the wheels, side brushes, and filters periodically
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the sensors
  • Monitor the vacuum visually when it is working (not always, but once in a while to be sure it is operating correctly)

Although it does not have a smartphone app or LCD monitor for alerting you about anything wrong, this unit does warn you with one beep or two when it is in trouble. Remember, any odd behavior means that something may be wrong. In this case, check the manual.

Can you leave the unit on the charging station if you are not using it for quite a while?

Yes. Once its power is full, it will have a small trickle charge for self-discharge compensation and overcharge prevention. Do not let kids charge the machine. If you are not going to use it for a long time, turn off the electric switch.

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If you desire some help around the house and do not expect to invest a ton of money in a premium robotic cleaner, this unit may be your best fit. Even though it is not perfect, it excels with the necessary tasks - for instance, cleaning debris and dust from low-pile carpets and hard floors.


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