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Lawn Darts? We Think You Need to Invest Better Toys! Top Reviews for The Best Lawn Mower on The Market

It’s going to be the end of the year really soon, but we can’t really see your well-decorated front porch. Ah, it seems like you have a grass problem blocking the view! My friend, you need to take care of that annoyance and we have a solution right here for you. A dedicated lawn mower will be more than able to do the job nicely. There are many options for you to pick so we understand that can be a bit challenging.

Typically, a good lawn mower will need just a few core features to be functional. Of those are the engine and cutting power, fuel consumption, pricing as well as weight and size, just to name a few. The products listed down below are already tested and ranked using the most selective previewing process available. Often, the brand will be the final deciding factor so feel free to look around to find the best product.

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1. Honda HRX217 VKA

Armed with efficient cutting blades a powerful engine, this Honda model is truly a beast of its own weight class. Once revved up, it's really easy to push across your grass field. The cutting blades incorporate some new “cutting edge” technologies like Honda’s special MicroCut. Each one consists of up to four cutting surfaces so the cutting pattern can be as uniform as possible. This stops clumps and chunks from forming and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Cutting the grass length to be in line with your desire is really easy. Delivered with seven different cutting settings, you can take all of the liberty for cutting your grass to a height of 0.75 for super fine or all the way to four inches if you prefer a bit of a classic look. The holder bag is one of the biggest on the market right now so you can safely stay comfy pushing the cart without the need to take many trips to the dumpster.

2. Troy-Bilt TB210: Best value

The best product reviews on   TheKingLive need to also include one of the most important things ever. Of course, there are many ways that a lawn mower can become appealing on the market. Out of all the features that are offered, the number one thing to consider would be the product pricing. The Troy-Bilt TB210 not only comes with great functionality but it also is very economical. Even though it is not the alpha of the pack, it will still get the job done (as it should be).

To make your life a whole lot easier, the front wheels come equipped with a propulsion system so pushing it forward like the trials of the Egyptians won’t really trouble you. With a wide angle of up to 21 Inches, the cutting path will truly shine through when viewed from a high place if you are trying to be creative with your lanes. The trade off? The lawn mower has a non-cushioned handle so if you are not wearing gloves, the chance of developing blisters on your hands are very high. Finally, the holder is rather small and not able to hold anything more than 2.4 cubic feet of grass at any time.

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The Final verdict


To add, these lawn mowers are truly one of the best of any products on the market right now for what they can offer. We don’t compare or gauge them because they are simply the best – we do tests to determine if a product is worth considering. And they definitely do, if we have to say so. You can find all of the products that we review in our list on the sidebar. You can get them as Amazon products and shipped to your doorstep. We hope that you can pick the right one according to your needs some time in the future.

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