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Please Help Me Back Onto Group Build Forums

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    July 2020
Please Help Me Back Onto Group Build Forums
Posted by EricB on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 4:27 PM

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My Finescale Modeler Acct: 292643206

I've been through this several times - last time last January. I've been a long time user of your forums for over ten years and normally they've worked just fine. Then, for no reason, they quit. I used a second email address and created a new profile yesterday but the result is the same. I join a Group Build Forum (in my case British Army and 75th Anniversery 1945). I can post. I can log back on. I can see my post. I have most definitely subscribed to the forum. This has always worked in the past. So let's look at my settings. According to DISCUSSIONS I have made a post on your Test Forum and am a member of the British Army and 75th Anniversery Group Builds. I subscribed to both lists and requested email on the Test forum. According to Email Notifications: Under Forums - it says "Not Subscribed to Any Forum": Under Forum Topics the three forums I am subscibed to are all listed (Test, British Army, 75th Anniversery.) Obviously for some reason the Email Notification list does not reflect the instructions I've given it. (Under Forum Topics, I am able to "Remove" all topics listed above.)

As there was nothing wrong for years (other than a temporary collapse of the forums during the IPMS meetings in, I think, 2018) and then things simply stopped, the problem is most certainly on your end. I ask you to please fix this. I like the group builds a lot - I base my builds around them. I have known many of these people for years. For what its worth every other site I'm on with a forum (KitMaker, WorldwarIaircraft) works flawlessly. And so has yours for the greater part of a decade.

I'll make a deal. You fix this problem and I'll renew my subscription to Finescale. I subscribed to your magazine to show my appreciation for the forums - frankly, I really don't need any more "how to" articles at my stage. (I didn't know my subscription had ended because you kept sending me issues on Zinio because I was on a digital account. So there was no email sent to me reminding me to renew. I've told your office I'm getting issues not paid for - I've got July 2020 - but would be glad to renew.

One of the Group Build leaders has told me that others are having troubles like this. Please consider fixing this - it can only help Kalmbach. And it can only help me - I have no desire to get involved with Facebook.


Eric Bergerud


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