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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day
Posted by greentracker98 on Sunday, May 26, 2013 8:03 PM

With Memorial Day being tomorrow, It makes me think upon all the military servicemen/women who are away from home and those we never had a chance to know.

For my Dad and all his brothers,plus his cousin and Uncle. There were 9 of them in the military in WW2. For them alone, It was almost a world war. My Dad was stationed in Panama. They thought it would be a high priority target for the Axis powers. Japan was working working toward that goal, but it didn't come to fruition. 3 of Dads brothers were doing various jobs in our Army Air Force bombers in the Pacific Theatre. One other brothers went ashore in Normandy in a Tank Destroyer. I don't know which day he entered the continent. Another Brother was flying off an Aircraft Carrier (I don't know which one) in the Pacific Ocean. That is what I can remember. Unfortunetley, I don't remember what the others did. I tend to think of Dad's little sister as a war casualty (sort of). She died of Pnemonia (sp) while everyone was away. She was only 10 years old.

I never had the chance to know my Aunt Ramona, nor my Uncles Bob, and Bill. My Uncle Bob was a crew member of a B-17 that was attacked by a formation of Zeros and was shot down. We never found out what happened to him. There was a crew member who survived, but all he knew was he seen other guys parachuting too, but after that he lost contact with them. They were about 3 miles out to sea from Buna, New Guinea, So your guess is as good as mine.

My Uncle *** was wounded while flying in a B-24. He died as a result of this action, but was revived. As a kid, he fell off a roof and died as well, and was revived then too. Then after the war, everyone started calling him Tabby. I'm told he didn't care for that nickname. But it stuck in the families minds. LOL Dads family was big on nicknames. Dad (Dan) was Buck. Uncle Leroy was Peano. Uncle John was Red. Uncle *** was Tabby. I can't remember the others right now. When I remember, I'll add them.

My Uncle Bill was in the Tank Destroyer and won a silver star for his actions in the Bridge at Remagen. He survived WW2, but then was called up for the Korean conflict and was killed there. Dad told me. he would have been made a General if he had made it home. Now, our local Armory is named for him.

They are all gone now, So all I have is what I remember of what Dad told me. But this what Memorial Day for. I wish I remembered more, But thats what kids do. They don't listen very well. As a kid myself, I found Dad's machete and started playing with it. I didn't get cut or anything. I left it outside somewhere. So now if someone finds it, all that would be left is the handle.

Dad also told me, he tried to sneek out with the 45 caliber colt hand gun he carried on his side thoughout the war. but, they were wise to guys doing that I guess. LOL

I guess this is what Memorial Day is for. Remembering what we were told. It would be great if there were no wars. Then we would have met and known our servicemen/women who didn't make home. If there were no wars, we wouldn't have alot of our model kits we have. I for one would like not having the P 38. P 47 kits that I have in the other room. I'm sure we would find other things to model which makes us excited to do.

I'm not sure I said some things the right way. So, I hope you all understand. If anyone wants to share stories they were told by thier fathers/uncles/etc. Please feel free to do so.

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Posted by sub revolution on Monday, May 27, 2013 3:25 AM

My only recent relatives who served were my Grandpa's brothers (he was too young) who served in WW2. I never knew either of them though, just due to family differences.

I am interested though, in seeing how people here spend their Memorial Day. I try to make it a point to do something fitting each year, and I imagine others on here do too.

Here on Guam, Memorial Day has a unique meaning. It is one of the islands that fell to Japanese forces in Dec 1941 and was occupied for nearly three and a half years. During the occupation, the civilian residents were used as slaves, rounded up, and even killed en mass by the Japanese forces. The US returned on July 21, 1944, invading two beaches, one of which, Asan Beach, has been well preserved as a park.

Now each year on Memorial Day, the grounds of Asan Beach are covered with flags representing the 3.055 civilians and Military Men who died in the occupation and invasion. It is a moving sight to see this beautiful park, once the scene of so much carnage, with this tribute to the fallen. The people of this island will certainly never forget the meaning of this day.



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I hope you all enjoy the photos and have a happy Memorial Day!



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Posted by AT6 on Monday, May 27, 2013 10:43 AM

My first step father was a tail gunner on B-50s during the Korean war. If he had'nt have been hospitalized with a serious illness, he would have died there. The last time his plane was seen, it was going down over North Korea with no survivors. Now I wish that I had kept the picture that had been taken of him and the other crew members at Roswell where they had been based.


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