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Shut-Ins-Or Disabled Friends

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Shut-Ins-Or Disabled Friends
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 7:12 AM

I have to say this;

        I have spent two whole days with a friend. He has Diabetes real bad and lost part of his foot. He's been in and out of Hospitals and rehab centers since this all started. Now here's the point. He belongs to two organizations That most folks within, claim to be his friends of long-Standing.

        If that's the Case, Even with Covid-19 Protocols in place, Why not at least a phone call? Then, when restrictions were relaxed, why not a protected Visit? To leave this very emotionally fragile person in Isolation is just plain cruel!By Isolation I mean no Visits or Phone calls and very few Texts in almost two years. Sure, Covid shut a lot of stuff down. But, ya can't catch it over the Phone or Texting. I mean c'mon folks, where's our hearts?

        To make a longer story shorter. I went to see him the Sunday Before Memorial Day. I had an appointment for the following day. ( You have to schedule 24 hours in advance) Well, I didn't know where this place was. So I went to San Antonio to find it and I did. Well, the Charge nurse said,"well, seeing as how you came that far go see him, He's in room number##. So I did. He burst out in very emotional tears when I walked in the door!

        I empraced him as old friends do and it took a while for him to calm down. The Nurse told me Memorial Day, when I went back, that, that first evening, was the first time he had eaten all his dinner and finally slept well. So now, you see where I am going with this.

        Although a LEGO Fan ( ADULT)( AFOL) he also has built models in the past. Well, today he's getting an approved Hobby Knife, A set of Vallejo Aircraft paints( The Brushable stuff) Three brushes and-- Wait for it! a 1/72 Model of an A-10-Warthog! I chose the smaller scale, Not because that's what he likes, but given he's in a two person room he has a model that doesn't take up much room!

        I cleared it with the Administrators office without him knowing. I think this will bring him out of the ( I am sick, So no one wants to be near me) syndrome. When I had my Open Heart surgery I couldn't keep folks from visiting. I just wanted to sleep and get well. I guess that's why, Pain and all, I completed the therapy I was expected to do, so I could get released and go home to my own bed! The folks visiting me live no further from me than they do from him! The longest distance is forty five miles!

       No one visits me at home because our house is so pet friendly. And with Cat and dog Dander, most folks don't like to come by. That gives me more time to model and Bug You Folks! In all seriousness, Think about those who you know that have been hospitalized during all this for NON-COVID things and if the facility has relaxed protocols, Give them a visit. They will get well faster. Emotions and Emotional states do have an effect on the healing process! 

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Posted by goldhammer on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 10:01 AM

Had something close here.  Had a bud that eventually had a leg amputation.  He worked with a group of vet's advocating for other vets.

Hadn't talked to him for a month or so and called to run up and see him.  Lo and behold, he was in the vet's home in town, recovering from shoulder surgery.  Went over an hour later. He was a wreck.  The advocate group knew he was there, some even lived in town and supposedly his friends, none came to visit.  His wife never came down, 40 miles away.  He was there for 2+ months rehabbing.

Been looking for him the past few days, Don't know if still around or not.

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Posted by Dodgy on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 6:55 PM

I hate those stories, but sadly they are so common. I've got an old navy mate in hospital at the moment, he's a Korean War vet and his family don't want to know him. It's a 45 minute drive both ways to visit, they live 5 minutes away.

I long to live in a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned


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