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Artillery GB feeler for Mid April

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Artillery GB feeler for Mid April
Posted by modelcrazy on Saturday, January 3, 2015 11:43 PM

While there are several group builds right now and I plan on running a Boeing GB stating in June, I wanted to send out a feeler for this because I know there a lot of artillery and ground ponder guys in here.

We had a SP AT GB, an SP artillery GB and a FLAK GB in 2014. There aren't that many rockets and missiles out there for a separate GB. How about a land and sea artillery GB? Basically if it can be used for area suppression, softening up, and a host of other terms you guys know, it would be in.

It would start April 16 2015 thru April 15 2016.

1. Any bombardment weapon. This includes ancient weapons like Catapults, Trebuchets, Ballista’s; Napoleonic and Civil War cannons; ship board weapons like 24lb naval guns; ground or ship mounted mortars; and rail mounted guns and mortars. Prime movers can be added but aren’t necessary (per new IPMS armor category)

2. All rocket, missile and gun / mortar artillery. NO AT GUNS.

3. Any scale, any era, real or fantasy.

4. AM and PE good, scratch build great, any material (paper, plastic, resin, wood)

5. Crossovers are fine

5. If you aren’t sure ask.

7. Please post WIP pics.

8. Have fun

Consider also posting your progress pics in the appropriate other forum, armor, ships, etc.. so more folks can see what you are doing.

Edit: Self Propelled have been added to the rules.


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