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Here's an idea!Get the most from your Hobby Dollar!

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Here's an idea!Get the most from your Hobby Dollar!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Thursday, December 19, 2019 10:33 AM

This isn't new:

      Just another idea. Take a model I think is neat: Which one ? The REVELL 1956 FORD pickup.. Built carefully the doors will fit right and you can even make the thing steerable!

     I mention this one because the doors require some work because sometimes you will find sink marks around the edge of the doors where the inside jambs are. This and other things will guarantee that you will not build it it one night. 

       One thing that NEVER fit right in that kit was the windshield! They tried to get cute and have you pop it into the frame. BUT,it never fit in the corners. Out comes the .010 Sheet clear styrene . Looks optically better too.

 The wheel and tire grouping was shaky at best. I mean two piece tires on very weak wheels. C'mon now . I would trade out the wheels for the same types from AMT's 53 Ford truck.They were stouter and looked better any way.The Engine?

      Well, that's a question isn't it? Some liked that REVELL travesty with the crank molded to the bottom and all that. Me, I just swapped it out for the 352 in the AMT 57 FORD Kit . Besides the REVELL engine looked to fragile and somewhat small.

 Be Careful with that frame too. Lots of sink marks in the rails. Especially around the outboard braces and suspension locales. Because it does show somewhat, You want it to look good. If you want that typical 50's rake well, that's as easy as putting the shocks on the back, stock, and then modifying the spindles to get that lower in front stance.

       Lastly, It is still out there in it's latest iteration. 25 and change at my H.L. So how much enjoyment does that 25 bucks buy me, besides and including paint cost? Well. Over 24 total build hours over a week maybe. At about at todays prices? A value of forty bucks an hour.

 Think on this now. A meal for four at the local fave spot, 50 bucks and tickets for four at the theater 48 bucks. All for a total enjoyment time of maybe two to three hours. So , that old REVELL model kit is for the builder, a better value. Besides, It's a P/U Truck. How can you not love it ? 


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