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1:350 scale JS Kaga DDH-184 jump jet carrier by QualityModels

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1:350 scale JS Kaga DDH-184 jump jet carrier by QualityModels
Posted by Jeff Head on Saturday, February 27, 2021 9:15 PM

This is a thread about my new 1:350 scale JS Kaga DDH-184 configured as an escort/jump-jet carrier with F-35B aircraft augmented by EV-22 AEW, SV-22 ASW, and rescue and ASW EH-110 and SH-60J ASW helicopters.


I got this ship from quality models. They did not have it, and they usually make 1:300 or 1:250 scale, so I ordered it as a special order.


I worked with with them on it. It shows the full conversion with the jump ramp to be installed during the second conversion. Until then it will operate like the US LHAs or LHDs without a ski jump as the heat treat, structural enhancement and changes to the hanger will all take place during the revision going on now to the Izumo and then the Kaga.


I asked QualityModels not to include the air wing or other instruments or equipment. My experience with them is that they do not do a very good job on the aircraft or some of the sensors. So I purchased the air wing from SNAFU on Shapeways 3D printing and other vendors there, from Veteran Models, and from Trumpeter. I put together the EV-22S and the SV-22S from Trumpeter V-22 paJS and purchased 1:350 metal railing and other sensors to place on the carrier myself.


Some of this came, like the 1:350 ECM and electronic Kaga replica launchers and other sensors and weapons (like the .50 cal machine guns and SEARAM launchers) from veteran models and spares I had.


These will be excellent carriers and carrier groups, and along with the US, Japan, Korea, India and others represents a continuing attempt for the western nation to answer the amazing growth of the PLAN.


Speaking of the US, it is doing a good thing in making the two aircraft centric Ameica LHAs and two of the Wasp LHD into essentially Escort carriers, CSEs. The will be able to carry up to 24 F-35Bs and a couple of ASW/Rescue aircraft and 2 AEW type aircraft.  this adds 4 carriers to the 10 large nuclear carriers and ends up with 14 which was the number the US had durning the first half of the of the Cold War.


And, there is already an excellent candidate for the AEW air craft and that is the EV-22 Osprey which is shown in the videos and pictures in this thread.


It was designed and offered to the UK but they ended up building the Merlin oriented AEW helo which cannot go as high, does not carry as large or long range of radar. With the proliferation of such carries in the US, Japan, Korea, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and elsewhere, there is a very potentially lucrative market for them. At least 2 per ship, and a couple of trading,and a couple ot for reserve aircraft for each country.probably a total of 60-80 aircraft before it was all said and done.


They would have the range to be able to detect most modern attack aircraft carrying long range, air launched ASMs before they were launched. Very critical and something helo AEW does not have the range for.


In addition, for Japan and the others, another critical aircraft would be the SV-22 Osprey which has also been proposed bringing back the long range, heavier ordinance the US lost with absolute way premature, and, IMHO, opinion rediculose retirement of the S-3s. ASW is one of the critical needs of any carrier. The SV-22 would bring this critical long range and heavier ordinance back to all of the carriers, the CVNs, the CVs, the CVEs, and the Japanese and Korean, and other conversions of the Dokdo and Izumo vessels.


For the Japanese and the JMSDF, here are two video showing the JS Kaga DDH-184 configured with F-35Bs and these other aircraft. Both are in 1/350 scale. One video of the carrier itself, and one videos of the entire CSG (Carrier Strike Group) arrayed around her.


JS Kaga DDH-184 with F-35Bs


JMSDF CSG centered on JS Kaga DDH-184


Consider subscribing to my channel. I also have a video of a two carrier CSG for Japan with both Izumo carriers with more escorts. I will post a few pics of these models to go with this thread.

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Posted by Jeff Head on Saturday, February 27, 2021 10:00 PM

Here are some pics of JS Kaga DDH-184, after full conversion:



<img src="" alt="Kaga04"

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Posted by Luvspinball on Sunday, February 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Can't see your pictures without a login.  Need to be public.

Bob Frysztak


Current builds:  Revell 1/96 USS Constitution with extensive scratch building

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Posted by Jeff Head on Monday, March 8, 2021 2:55 PM

I tried to make it "public" but could not find a setting to do so. So I made a suggestion for the forum in the "glossary" on the Forum.


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