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Bored? Here's a project for you!

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Bored? Here's a project for you!
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, April 26, 2021 10:59 AM

Hi Ya'll;

         Having a "Aw, I don't feel like doing that", and the bench is getting dusty? Here's a project that is guaranteed to stifle those " Boredom Blues". Find a model on line, At your local H.S or wherever. Buy the old Revell Revenue cutter U.S.C.G." Roger Taney or Campbell" - Or even their larger scale Four Piper the "Campbelltown"

       Build a Dio for it. Big waves( Crushed newspaper and thinned white glue) and a lot of the paper cut in strips( Paper-Maiche) Create the wave shapes as seen in  a picture in a book or movie still.  Now while wet fit the unrigged hull in there and build around it. Remove it before the glue sets and wash it and finish the build.

       Put your completed cutter in there. Now, here's the fun. Take a cotton ball. Thin one end to a point. Take a DOT of super glue and stick it to the base next to the ship. Do this especially at the bow and the stern. Bow up or bow down, burying it's fordeck into the spray( the cotton pulled up and over the deck and allowed to touch the rails..)

       Finish fitting the ship in with super Glue and Cotton stuffed along the waterline and pull small bits out with a Mustache Comb! Now working with hair spray Set the cotton in the shapes you see in the picture. Working away from the ship create bands of white and dot glue Cotton there. Then when dry comb them in the wind direction. Sea spray is what it's called.

        Between the white bands, swirl and straight brush various shades of blue with the lightest at the spray line and the darkest in between( The Valley region between the wave tops.) Near the front put your most busted up ship model in the closest scale sinking , of course! and some life-rafts and then hairspray everything to lock it in place . Then give it a title.

 Yes, with no pics to show you, it will be hard to do. But you will have created your first Diorama. Scenery and Figures in larger scale will then feel easier to work with. If you build cars, take a small piece of Plywood or Masonite and a discarded saucer. Cut a hole in the board to mount the saucer with Hot Glue. Now take 1"x1" stock and frame the bottom. create a road from Model railroad scenery dirt or the dirt in your yard. Paint the base including the saucer in muddy brown. Now mix the mud up with water to the consistancy you want. Spread it in the saucer and on the road you've created Spray it with a mix of white glue and water and let it dry.. But, Befor it dries insert an old model car and stick it nose down or reardown at the edge of the saucer. A figure in the Mud trying how to figure out to hook a chain, and a dirty pickup that the chain goes to. Vio'la ! A Dio. Color it to suit you! Bye! 


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