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1:35 SA-2 Guideline decaling nightmare

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    March 2017
1:35 SA-2 Guideline decaling nightmare
Posted by martimous on Monday, March 13, 2017 12:26 PM

Just got done with the building and painting phase for a Trumpeter 1:35 scale SA-2 Guideline SAM. So far, so good. Started in on the decaling for the missile.


First problem - decals disintegrate when trying to slide them off the sheet. OK, not good, but I grabbed a bottle of the MicroScale decal film, and that helped quite a bit.

Next - decals will not stay down. They start peeling and curling up at the edges. OK, grabbed a bottle of Future floor wax and did the under/over with that and it looked better. Coming back the next day, and found the problem decals had lifted even with the Future.

OK, I did a brief scan to see if anyone sells aftermarket for this kit: no go.

I actually have another 2 sets of decals (bought two launchers and the transport truck), so I made a scan of a fresh decal sheet and will venture into the realm of trying to print my own.

I wonder what the chances are of the other two decal sheets being similar pigs to work with...Now I need to figure out how to strip the decals off and start over. Suddenly, I'm afraid of decals.

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Posted by Don Stauffer on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:01 AM

For stripping off decals that are poorly adhering, masking tape often is a quick fix- it pulls decals up fairly well.

Because of your experience with the first kit, I would try coating them with the decal film.  However, you can test first if you want, to verify that they need it.  Most decal sheets have decals over any printing or design, such as the kit or decal part number.  Cutting out and wetting these areas are a good test of the quality of the decals.

For poorly adhering decals, some other solutions other than future include using decal solvent over the applied decal, or using thinned white glue as an adhesive.

Also, if you do use decal film, do not put it on too thick.  That sometimes increases curling and poor adhesion.


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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Posted by CaddMann05 on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:02 AM

I know the feeling.  I have 2 old sets of decals for my P51D that I am using the best of both sets.  Both sets have decals that have crumbled after I have started to slide them off the sheet. I am surprised that I have the majority of decals on the model. Now the problem is the checkered decals that go on the engine cowling.  Both have tore to the point of not being salvageable.

I knew that I should have made a copy on the computer, but I didn't.  I have had to order a replacement set. 

By the way I got mine from

I also had issues with the decals conforming to the surronding area even after using Micro Sol on it and peircing the decals to get more solution under the decals.  I will get it done though.

As far as getting off the decals, so many methods in this forum by many people, just pick and choose what will work for you. It all depends I think on type of finish so far on your project.



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