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Hello all,

I used to build terrible models when I was a teenager, but have since wanted to do a better job.  Back then I got a subscription to Military Modeler, and marveled at the pictures of the work in the magazine.  I wanted to do that.  But I had no money, no space, and no tools.

Probably 20 years ago, I bought a Paasche H and a compressor with a tank with the intention of building kits I had collected in the late 80's and early 90's.  The AB ended up being used only for gaming figures, and the kits sat neglected.

Moved to a new house in 2005, and built a bench in the corner in order to build kits.  Again, the kits sat neglected.

About a year ago, I pulled a kit out, and started working on it.  Can't tell you why I finally "pulled the trigger", but I am glad I did.  I am finally trying to do what I dreamed about when I was much younger.

I consider myself a complete newbie, but am eager to learn, and this forum has already been a tremendous help.  In the past year, I upgraded to a Paasche Talon, and most recently, a Badger Patriot.  Model building has changed tremendously since I was a teenager, and I have purchased tools, paints and pigments.

I still have my "vintage" stash, and plan to work on those before moving on to the much more detailed kits available now.

I hope to improve (develop) my skills so that I can produce quality models.  I am intersted mainly in WWII aircraft and armor.  Most of my non-fiction reading has been about WWII, and the main reason for wanting to build models was to see what the tanks and planes I read about actually looked like.  In 3D.  Next to each other.

Happy Modeling,

Dwayne (or Dman or just D)



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