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About T_Terrific

Now a retired engineer/sales engineer, I grew up in Los Angeles, where I lived until the late 70s. Now I am firmly transplanted to the South, thanks to a Tyler Rose I married over 40 years ago.

I have been doing model kits since I was 7 years old (which was back in the '50's), my first kit being an Aurora Nieuport 11. Since then I have done ships and armor, but mostly aircraft overall, WW I & II era stuff have been my favorites.

My known family's military history only goes back to WW 1.

Volunteer soldier, put on front line as a “Sharp-Shooter”, only to get fragged by a German Shrapnel Shell. The results were very accurately depicted in the movie “Johnny Got His Gun”. The problem, the pain, but no V.A. benefits then, just dedicated surgeons, who believed their cause was above the paycheck. He eventually died from his wounds (boil on the brain surgery).

WW 2, different, but not much better, even though.

There were five brothers, one of which was also my Dad. They all volunteered, but onlly three out of five were accepted. One U. S. Army (Medic, Barrage Balloons, MP), two U.S.N.'s, my Dad being a Dispatcher, because of his above-average typewriter skill.

The other, an SBD Gunner and then a Mechanic overhauling aircraft engines on the same Carrier in the Pacific.

To help the "Euro-Theator" types, we on the West-Coast kinda felt threatened by the Japanese offensive's in the Pacific. I mean they actually threatened "Invasion", etc. O.K.?


His recall:

"The water was full of Japanese bones"-H. Taylor 

As a decision-maker, I got the handle “Tom Terrific” as a Construction Engineer for Nuclear Plants, from the craftsmen who worked under my direction.

For details, feel free to PM me.  


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