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Looking back at an issue.

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Looking back at an issue.
Posted by Snakecopter on Monday, October 05, 2015 9:52 AM

I was recently reading an old FSM dated May 1992.

And came across a diorama build from Roger Yu, now as a well versed man in the world of Formula One, and i well remember this occurance between these two team mates of McLaren Alain Prost .. Ayrton Senna seeing this on a British tv channel B.B.C. who used to air the GP's from around the world with Murray Walker doing the commentary and having that now famous theme tune taken from Fleetwood Mac song entitled Chains to start the program.

I must put this correct as the caption under the leading picture is wrong.

It reads as the following:

Re-creating the decisive moment on the 1998 Formula 1 championship circuit:

A 1/43 scale Meri replica of Alain Prost's McLaren car "closes the door" on his teammate Ayrton Senna's vehicle.

Actually that is incorrect..

What did happen was that Alain Prost car was coming into the corner on his racing line only for as always through his career Ayrton Senna's arrogance took over and tried in vain to cut in between Alain's car and the corner to take the lead, which ended in termoil, Ayrton action caused both cars to come to a halt in the escape road, and for Alain Prost to get out of his car to confront Senna only for Senna to drive down the escape road regain the track and go onto win that particular Grand Prix which caused controversy but the result stood.

But apart from that hic-up with the caption the diorama is very good.

Just thought i would correct this mistake.

The Snake.


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