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the price of scale modelling

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the price of scale modelling
Posted by retdfeuerwehr on Tuesday, October 04, 2016 9:29 PM

I think it would be informative if FSM published an article describing how we modelers can save some money by developing our own weathering products from what we have readily at hand. I read FSM articles where folks will spend a lot of money on custom paints and weathering potions for their models (with, admittedly, very nice results); but I believe the same results can be achieved at a much lower cost. One can buy (non-oil) pastel chalks to produce their own pigments and use them in much the same way as the more expensive brands. One thing that really irritates me is spending money to buy specific colored paints for their models (e.g., a Ukrainian vehicle-specific colors)...we've read many articles regarding the "correct" colors for AFVs, aircraft, etc.; but we're also told by those who know that colors at smaller scales than real-life are mainly a guess. My whole point here is that I believe the "cottage industry" folks are making a fortune selling us stuff that really, in the context of things, isn't seems the plastic/resin model market is taking us for a ride.

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Posted by mississippivol on Tuesday, October 04, 2016 10:11 PM
Yeah, but it's a ride that many willingly take. There are a few things out there worth the price (B-17F window masks for one), but I've never been a huge purchaser otherwise.
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Posted by dirkpitt77 on Tuesday, October 04, 2016 10:38 PM

A lot of those outfits pay good money to get their product advertised in FSM, though. It'd be a slap in the face to them for FSM to publish an article that drives potential customers away like that. Seems to me, anyway. I wonder what their policy actually IS. They do publish reader tips that cover some of that type stuff.


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Posted by mrmike on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 2:52 AM

It's actually the best of both worlds in my opinion. Some will find it fun to scratchbuild, mix custom paint colors and work with pastels and other techniques to achieve their desired result; others will find it more enjoyable to reach for the aftermarket products to get on with their build. The fact that we now have so many choices is a truly wonderful thing.

I agree with Dirk that it's not in FSM's interest to specifically champion inexpensive alternatives to aftermarket products, I think that the magazine has always presented info that gives modelers options both in the Tips sections and in feature articles. Like the FSM staff, I can be equally enthusiastic about a new product and a proven "homespun" idea.

Happy modeling!


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Posted by Bish on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 6:15 AM

Apart from what the guys have said about it not being in FSMN'sinterest, i completly disagree on the idea that we are being ripped off. No one is forced to buy this stuff for starters. Weareall free to experiment on our own as well as get ideas from others. And even if FSM did do it, where weould it end.

I only started useing ready made weathering products a couple of years ago and it was one of the best thing i have done. And i don't consider 3 or 4£ for a wash of pot of piments that will last me countlessmodels a rip off, not when i am willing to spend 50 60 or £70 on a kit.

And while i do also make my own, i also like the pre made ones, just depends on what i am doing. I weas useing pastels for about 15 years until i started useing pigments, and they are in a differant league. I have hardly touched pastels since, but i guess i must have been useing them wrong.

I also prefer paints that are specific to the build. Even if its somthing i will just do one of i will get the exact paint for it. Yes, i could mix my own, but why when i can buy it. Will probably be cheaper that the cost of the paint i will waste trying to get it right.

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