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At Risk Teens

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    January, 2013
At Risk Teens
Posted by scalemodeler148 on Friday, February 15, 2013 1:59 AM

I am looking for the following Tamiya kits, I think that they are out of production, so I am hoping someone has these and willing to sell.....
I have just started to posting here on armorama.  I work with "at risk" youths.  I work with a small group of teens teaching modeling, as a creative outlet for them.  I have posted here on armorama describing our group.

These kids don't have much money to work with, so I fund it out of my own pocket, and I am very happy to do it.  I have a small amount of stock for them to choose from.  I had some kits that I was taking in to the center, I stopped at the local hobby shop for some general supplies...I was just running in for a second, well that'll teach me - when I got back out to my car (that I had left unlocked)I had a dozen kits stolen out of my vehicle, along with other small items...
We work in 1/48, and mostly all is good because of the cross over of air and armour kits, with having to fund this myself 1/48th is more affordable....

I need to replace these kits if I can. Does anyone have any of the kits listed below that they will be willing to sell???  I have been able to replace about half of them, but these I can't find....
German Panther Ausf.G - 1/48 Item #32520
King Tiger Porsche Turret - 1/48 Item #32539  Two of these stolen :( 

German King Tiger Prod Turret - 1/48 Item #32536 

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.L - 1/48 Item #32524 

Ger Pzkw IV Ausf.J - 1/48 Sd.Kfz.161/2 Item #32518
German Pz.Kpfw III Ausf.N - 1/48 Item #32543
German Flakpanzer IV - 1/48 Wirbelwind Item #32544

2 cm Flugabwehrkanone 38 (2 cm Flak 38)

Product Code: ACE48103


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