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    August 2008
Posted by tankerbuilder on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:50 AM

I got to thinking,what will happen to our models,tools and stash if we move to that big hobby shop ,you know where ?? I hate to bring this up now,but the POWERBALL got me to thinking about that.I for one have it set up that my stuff-ALL of it ! will be given to  WOUNDED WARRIERS here in SAN ANTONIO

 We must think of others. I would,if I won the thing  set it up so the brave men and women who have  it on the line for our beliefs would definitely have someone who cares to be sure. now,that is something to think about isn,t it ??

  I do know that if I was the lucky guy,the veterans who need costly help with prosthetics and psych help would get it through a foundation I would set up in my late wives names. That would be my christmas present to them. Ah,just dreaming ,but some valid points huh?     TANKER-builder


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    March 2003
  • From: Western North Carolina
Posted by Tojo72 on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 11:31 AM

I told my wife she could sell my stuff on ebay if I went suddenly,some of it like the Akagi and Independance might fetch a few bucks.I have a few modeling buddies who would appreciate some stuff.I only have about 30 kits or so,but I would sell some and give some away if I knew I was going soon.


If I came into Powerball type money,after myself and family there would be some charities I would look into,But I would probably like to open a hobby super store and not worry if I lost money or not,just as a hobby.

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    August 2005
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Posted by corvettemike on Sunday, December 2, 2012 9:24 AM

I almost did go in March 2010, and I'll reiterate here what I said then.."I don't care". After my demise I'll cease to exist therefore I will cease to care what happens to my stuff. Sell it, donate it, throw it away for all my corpse cares. Sounds harsh I know but that's my blunt opinion.

Powerball task number one BUY A HOUSE, preferably on a large plot of land in the middle of nowhere! Really I'm tired of renting next door to the Best Buy home theater department. Number two new car, pay off my credit cards and bank the rest in case...well no political discussions here [:X]

Rise my brothers we are blessed by steel in my sword I trust...

Arm yourselves the truth shall be revealed In my sword I trust...

Havoc Models

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    October 2008
Posted by loggerbruce70 on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 2:28 AM

Fortunately I have witnessed first hand the most unselfish use of lottery winnings from a couple that played the lottery as something else they could do together, with numbers that meant something special to them. My wife's Aunt and Uncle hit the jackpot for $11,000,000+ and, within a couple of weeks, they had it all spent - or rather, donated. They lived in a 120 year old house, had reliable/older vehicles that they were happy with, and didn't change a thing about their lifestyles except to write big checks to associations that really needed the help. These people didn't move into a new house,buy a new car or go on vacation, but rather gave it all away, while Violet was undergoing treatment for the cancer that eventiually took her life. The 2% that they kept for themselves was to ensure that they could provide her comfort until the ultimate end and ensure that they will be side by side when his time arrives.

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    March 2003
  • From: Rain USA, Vancouver WA
Posted by tigerman on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 2:10 AM

Amazing story of giving Loggerbruce. Very admirable.

If I won the Powerball, yes, I'd see to it my children were taken of for the future, because we never know what will happen. I would help some of friends and co-workers as well. There are some charities and churches that I'd donate to as well. I'd like to set up a foundation to help at risk kids and battered women. I guess help as many as I can. I won't lie, I'd quit my job and enjoy the life I still have here, for it's a bit of a one-time deal. There is so much to do and so little time to do it.



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