DIY grabit-stix?

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DIY grabit-stix?

  • I was watching some videos on youtube about handling photo-etched parts, and the person was using these:

    I have tried using blue tac on the end of a tooth-pick with some success, but it is not a great solution.  Any of you make something like this to use?  How do you handle tiny parts?


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  • Hi ;

    Well don't think I am nuts. You know the stuff that is used for folks fingers when they handle a lot of paper ? I don't remember what they call it .

    I put it on a "Q-TIP " that has most of the fuzzy removed . It works great and releases the part without a problem.             Tanker-builder

  • Yes, I do know that stuff.  Will stop by an office supply store and see what I can find.

    Thank you!

  • There's a product the scrap-bookers and card makers use called glue dots (aka, 'snotdots').  They're little sticky, rubbery dots that are sold in a box that contains a paper roll with hundreds of them on it.  You can peel a dot off and wrap it around the end of a toothpick, and you can use that to pick up/hold small parts.  

    They work great, and one $2.00 box would be nearly a lifetime supply for a modeller.  You can get them at any store that sells craft stuff, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, your local scrapbook store, etc.

    Gene Beaird,

    Pearland, Texas

  • Heck, I just wet the tip of my index finger in my mouth and press it on the PE part.  Picks it up very nicely.

    Computer, did we bring batteries?.....Computer?

  • Cadet Chuck

    Heck, I just wet the tip of my index finger in my mouth and press it on the PE part.  Picks it up very nicely.

    I can get the part picked up, but have a heck of a hard time placing it accurately.  My hope is that if I can get it stuck on the end of a toothpick, it will be easier to place it.  Tiny piece typically means tiny spot that I have to hit with the part!  Whether something like this will help is still to be seen, but it can't hurt.

  • Those glue dots work very well ,I've used them. Another option is plain old bees wax. You just have to roll a small piece between your fingers to warm it up a bit

  • I picked up  some glue dots, and they work extremely well when stuck to the end of a toothpick.

    Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.

  • This is what I do...

    Take a small piece of masking tape and roll is sticky side out from one corner.  Use the tip to hold tiny part. When it looses its grip at the tip cut it at an angle and you have a new tip.  The CA sticks fats and hard and the parts stay when the "handle" is pulled away.

    More PE tips about 1/3 way ON THIS PAGE of my website...


  • Some really nice stuff you have put together.  Still looking through it all.

    Thanks for posting that!

  • I still stick by the toothpick and poster (silly putty, blue) tack method. I keep a supply of toothpicks, in a dispenser on my bench top because I use them for so many things. I also keep a supply of poster tack handy- use that for holding small parts to a piece of wood sometimes for painting.  I find the blue tack on toothpick works pretty well- only problem is that sometimes I need to use other hand to hold the part against model to get it to release if glue sets too slow.

    You know, sometimes I think it would be nice for modeling to be a species with four hands :-)

    Don Stauffer in Minnesota

  • I have had really great luck using a toothpick, though I got some of the glue dots to use.  Same thing happens that sometimes the part wants to stay on the stick, and I have found that I have to dirty up the glue dot, get some lint and stuff on it to lessen the bond.