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Active Powersports

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Active Powersports
Posted by mitsdude on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 12:25 AM

Anyone have experience with this guys?

 Looks like they are big into RC but their model selection (at least the kind I buy) is comparable to others sites.

They are cheaper on "everything" I've price checked against the 4 vendors I normally order from. Up until now these 4 vendors have been the least expensive I could find.

Note: I'm not including the occasional ebay find.



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    July, 2014
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Posted by Nino on Friday, January 19, 2018 7:13 PM


      I thought I would add an update to this ancient thread rather than Let it Die since I’ve had some experience with ActivePowerSports.  The Online store still exists and my story may be of interest.  

So, to all you Zombie thread readers…


       I had placed 2 orders, (multiple items on each order), with Active last year.  Both orders were cancelled by Escondido Powersports Inc. (ActivePowerSports)
     My 1st order was cancelled when I requested if any item was out of stock that the entire order should be cancelled. (Everything seemed to show in stock when I placed the order.) Apparently the Civil War Blockade runner was OOS. It was still listed on the Web site for another week but it was removed shortly thereafter. They do update the site.
     The 2nd order was also cancelled by Active. On this order I simply requested they tell me if anything was out of stock. There was no explanation why this order was cancelled.
I was reimbursed completely and quickly for both cancelled orders!

      Previous to these orders I did contact a Representative about shipping and where they shipped from. I recall it was mentioned there were 6 warehouses and no matter how many shipments were required to fulfill my order there would be no additional shipping charges.
      Yes, the listed prices are good, especially on Lindberg model ships. Shipping charges are around $12 min. They seem honest enough to refund quickly and they do update the product listings
     When I get extra money back after the “tax reform” takes effect,  (Read: “Money I didn’t expect to get),  I may try one more time. I’m hoping “Three times the charm”. 

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Posted by Mopar Madness on Friday, January 19, 2018 7:42 PM

I’ll go ahead and throw story in here too. I ordered a model from them in December and had my money refunded because the item was no longer in stock, although it was shown as in stock on the website. I then ordered a different model at the beginning of this month and this order was canceled too because that product wasn’t in stock.  Tongue Tied


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    July, 2014
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Posted by Nino on Wednesday, June 06, 2018 2:00 PM

Quoted from my "Squadron, In stock soon" post on :

    " Today  I got a new , much lower, plumbing estimate for $1200. So, because it is the anniversary of D-Day, (and because of the new plumbing estimate), I decided to take a chance and order from ActivePowerSports. " The order was for some paint and 1 kit. 
"Maybe, just maybe, I will have a West Virginia coming.  (I was going to get an HMS BB that was actually there on D- day but no luck)"
  I will update this thread accordingly with the Success or Failure of the order.
     My quote of the day:
 "... just one word...  Plastics."
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Posted by GMorrison on Wednesday, June 06, 2018 2:11 PM

I hope it works out and you get something. It's a little questionable that they don't wait to charge until it ships.

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    July, 2014
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Posted by Nino on Monday, August 06, 2018 9:41 AM


I hope it works out and you get something. It's a little questionable that they don't wait to charge until it ships.


Well, it did NOT work.

 I ordered a bunch of paint and 1 model ( 1/700 West Virginia).  I just returned from Peru yesterday and this was waiting for me ...

"Hi james


An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.


The status of order #843254 is now Refunded


Order Details


Order Total: $75.83 USD
Date Placed: 3rd Jun 2018
Payment Method: Credit Card / Debit Card


Click here to view the status of your order


Active Powersports


  Well, at least they are Honest.

I suspect their low prices are made up for by higher shipping.  So my guess is if you only order 1 item, I bet you get it.  I tend to order multiple items as I am still building up my supplies and things. My total cost for that Trumpeter West Virginia would have worked out as less than $35 and the paints would have been less than Squadrons with shipping.

C'est la vie.

I won't be back.




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