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I Was Reading :

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    June, 2014
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I Was Reading :
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Wednesday, August 02, 2017 10:39 AM

 Yeah , I actually do that !

 What I was and still am reading and re-reading is a book that came out in 2015 . The name ? Well here goes . "Collecting Vintage Plastic Model Airplane Kits " . By Craig Kodera .

Within these pages you will find lot's of things you may have forgotten about . My interest was further triggered by Craig's tiering of the kit companies back then .

The page ten list is interesting . From a model ship builder's point of view it backs one of my firm beliefs . Lindberg , Although at the Bottom of the tier , was Tier one's mention for Broad Range of Product , More Toylike , Early LEADER .

The reason I bring this up . Revell Had just about everything . Some the REAL Holy Grails of any KIT Collector .  Now , here's where Lindberg comes in . Broad range of products  ? You bet ! 1/48 airplanes out the wazoo ! Ship types , and Boats , to boggle the mind . Sure , some got motorized , Oh Well , can you say " Toy - Like ? "

Now why do I go here ? I have recommended in these forums Lindberg's products . Why ? Well , for one , a BEGINNER can build it OOB and then try another and then maybe a third . Of say , a 1/48 scale ME - 262 . By the third time modifications can be done bringing it into the realm of the better models .Why ? That plane will accept EVERY aftermarket improvement you can think of , and then some .

 Why Bother ? Well , think about it .Three times whatever the price of a Lindberg Kit versus the same for Tamiya or Hasegawa . Remember  , we are talking a Beginner who NEEDS to build skills to enable him or her to get the most out of the more expensive kits and after-market .

 This goes especially for ships in this regard . Their close to 1/200 scale Bismark  , is a long way from perfect . But it can be . The time put into making it an eye opener will only build the modeler's skills . It will teach the necessity of research , and how to make it follow your build .

 Plus this ship or others can also teach or allow to be learned , Modifications to correct the hull shape maybe . Definitely a good base for learning P.E application using different media . Something I would NOT recommend at say the price of the Japanese hot item 1/200 Missouri or Trumpeter's version .

 Start simple and go up ! This book by the way is great . The problem is , as with any book , is the omission of some Aircraft and Missile kits . Thing is , No one Book can cover all . Still a good buy for the$ 24.95 or whatever it is today .

 I would like to see a specific book on All , or Most of the model ships produced by Revell , Monogram , Airfix , Renwall , Aurora . Oops ! See what I mean ? maybe there is one out there . I would like to find one .

 These Books written by kit collectors can be a valuable source of answering questions when confronted by a judge who says So and So didn't make this kit .Your answer " Oh Yeah , well here it is in this book " ! You are then protected . 

 So in closing Buy every book you can afford , both on Kits in General and Specific Subject versions . Good luck and hope to see more builds here .  "P.B. No More ! Viva La Revolucion ! "

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Posted by ikar01 on Wednesday, August 02, 2017 9:23 PM

I remember when I was a kid and palstic was still a new innovation to modeling, there were ship kits from Pyro/.Lifelike.  they were a bit small but the subjects were usually unusual early sailing ships.  Thye also came out with unusual early aircraft.  You can see some of their choices in teh movie "Those Magnificient Men in their Flying Machines".

Lindberg was also noted for its choice in prototype aircraft, like the XF-88 Vii Doo and the XF-91 Thunderceptor, a very different design, and a kit that I tried to detail once and would like to try to work on again.

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Posted by KnightTemplar5150 on Wednesday, August 02, 2017 11:38 PM

What I remember the most from Pyro/Lifelike was the line of 1:1 scale historic firearms. As a kid, I'm pretty sure that I built all of the pistols and a flint-lock muzzeloader. Pretty sure that given the state of the world today, we probably won't see any of those fantastic kits re-released any time soon. It would be great if Round Two would bring these back like they have with some of the old Aurora kits, but I won't hold my breath on that.

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Posted by Don Stauffer on Thursday, August 03, 2017 9:05 AM

My first ship model kits were wood.  First was a destroyer- I think it was by either Strombecker or Ideal.  Hull was precarved pretty close to final shape, superstructure was from a bunch of die cut sheet pieces- maybe 3/16 sheet, that were stacked together.  Didn't paint it or rig it.

Next couple were sailing ships, first was a revenue cutter, by either Guillows or Sterling, second sail was a Constitution.  Rigged both of them.  That Constitution came out really well, and got me on my way to becoming avid ship modeler.  Don't remember any plastic ships till I was almost in college.

BTW, those Guillows and Sterling kits were all solid hull, somewhat precarved by machine, only near bow and stern were additional carving needed.  Don't know for sure what wood- I suspect it was basswood.


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, August 03, 2017 9:14 AM

Hi Y'all !

 Don , you are right . It was class 1-A fine grain Basswood . That is very hard to find now .You can buy a block that size at the wood place I use for carving supplies . Problem is , It may have a piffy spot under all that nice looking surface . That can mess up a good carving .

 It's almost impossible to find unless you buy the better known brands . Instead of a solid block , you may have to do bread and butter if it's a large plane or ship . It's all good though .

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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, August 03, 2017 9:20 AM

Yup !

   I had them all at one time though , as well . Traded them starting with the " Winchester 74 Lever Action Carbine ". The real one sure was a fine piece .The Dueling pistols became a real pair presented by the director of operations when I retired from B.P.-Shell .

  I gave all the models to my brother who still has them hanging on the wall .

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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, August 03, 2017 9:22 AM

Hi ;

 Besides planes , Pyro/Lifelike had ships and boats in scales no one else had . I still have some in their original boxes . Partially built though .


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