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Nostalgia , and learning ;

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Nostalgia , and learning ;
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Sunday, May 06, 2018 7:42 AM

Hi All;

 I am going to make known my feelings about nostalgia and history in Modeling . How many of you Know who Dr. Al Ross is ? I bet not many . He creates prototypes and improvements to kits for Bluejacket . Now , is he on the level of say , Shep Paine ?

 Yes , and No . Al creates what the company feels is history .( he's darned good at it too ). He  and his contemporaries have brought us much . Yes , he works in wood . So What ?

 Now Shep took a pre-existing kit  , and found stuff , worked wonders with it , and everyone tries to emulate Him . What's wrong with that ? 

 I tried to emulate the likes of The great bridge builders and hospital builders when younger . Does that make me a flop because I only did one of each .? Nope !

 Mr. Roebling and Mr. F.L.Wright would understand .Yes ,this is in my past .That's where Nostalgia comes in . I see that bridge now and it looks like a great accomplishment . A formed , post stressed concrete girder Bridge .

 Spanning the Arkansas River . Why ? someone had to build it . Now one I look Back ( Nostalgic ) I see a perfect structure with no flaws . Not true . Like many man made structures it has them . Small but there .

 The Idea was fairly new for such a Length of span . and Heighth . It worked . Now getting back to models . How many have said repeatedly , " Oh , I wish I could find Airfixe's or Hawk's or Palmer,s or Strombecker's old model ? " Why ? Well think now .

As we sit down in the seat of our time machine and open the box in question . Old air whooshes out ,  wafts past our nostrils and engages the machine, the smell of old Balsa and plastic locking the time in the machine  . ( How about that , Nasal control ? ) LOL.LOL.

Well , we are transported to a small bench ,  or card table sequestered in our room or the attic or basement , because the Grown Ups couldn't stand the smell of Ambroid or Revell type " S " cement for models .$. 98 . Geez , that was the going price for a model we wanted .

 " $1.29 , my gosh , that's too expensive . " , so the bigger kit sat until someone else could buy it or we had saved anough to go back the Mr. Weldin's shop and buy it ." Well , look here son , Another one came in ". Yeah , I know better now ". Mr. Weldin saw the look in my eyes and after I left put the kit in back , knowing I would come back and buy it . He even made sure to call my Mum and ask if I could mow his lawn !

 Don't laugh ! That lawn was a whole $2.00 lawn . That meant a treat at the Kensington matinee and ice cream after , Plus the model ! Mr. Weldin's shop was right around the corner from the theater we went to .

 Okay , Snap ! ! We are at our bench , older , Wiser ( I would Hope ! ) and holding this old box of , " What is this ? My gosh the rivets on this , if it could be life sized are the size of half Golf balls . What was I thinking .?"

 But you see , Nostalgia is like that . It blinds us to the flaws of a pleasurable event . At my age it doesn't happen less I want it to." Now where I put that old MONOGRAM Rubber Powered runabout Boat kit from 1954 that I got the other day ?"

 See , we are all imprisoned by Nostalgia .But , let's NOT argue about the Merit of a Kit or Someone that we tried to emulate . There are still Car Customizers trying to get the Ed Roth look right . They ain't done it yet !

 Nostalgia is a Condition . It takes us back , often to simpler times , all the flaws removed for our viewing pleasure . It is memories , edited for the viewing audience . Does anyone want to see a horror film .Well , some do and can't help it .

  For the most part we don't . We see all these things of pleasure through 3-D - Glasses tinted a light gold . They weren't really like that . Guess what ? Nostalgia shows us otherwise ! !

 If I could , the only thing I would wish to see is all the models I missed , on my bench at the price they sold for then . " Yeah Sure " and Mars is a Orange  Slushie ! !   BYE

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Posted by armornut on Sunday, May 06, 2018 9:47 AM

   I like this post TB, what I took from it was the thrill and excitment that comes from a new kit,( when we were kids), and having a virgin vintage kit now, (call it prime time), and working it into a presentable display.

     We have had years to research that subject, figure what we would do different, execute the build, and bask in the glory of our success.

       That being said when I opened the Revell 32nd scale F4U Corsair for the 3rd time, the theme from Baa Baa Blacksheep immediately started running through my head.

       Yes TB I think I like this post.

we're modelers it's what we do

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Posted by Don Stauffer on Sunday, May 06, 2018 11:32 AM

Love vintage kits.  To me the vintage kits are those that pre-date plastic.  I was in about sixth grade before my first plastic model.  I ordered a number of kits from eBay, and a few from people on forums that knew I was looking for wood plane and car kits.

One wooden race car kit I bought proved to me I can have my kit and eat it too. Car kits in those days were blocks and sheets of wood- you glued the blocks and sheets together and then carved the body to the shapes and contours shown in the plans.  None flying scale planes were same way.  Flying planes were the stick and tissue kind.

Even got ahold, via eBay, a Joe Ott airplane.  During the war balsa was a strategic material- used for life rafts for sailers.  Ott continued production without pause because the sticks were stripped pine, and the formers and ribs were die cut from cardboard!


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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Posted by Rob Gronovius on Monday, May 07, 2018 11:15 AM

To me, the vintage kits are the ones that I built as a child. I often re-visit these old kits when they get reissued. They are not as "fun" as I remember now that I look at them from modern viewpoint. I feel the need to fix things that are not as fixable as I'd like.

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    September, 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Monday, May 07, 2018 11:27 PM

I’ve built kits beginning in the early 60s.

My favorite time back Then was  the late 60s.

so much so that I painted the Revell logo on my tree house.

Built the Picture Fleet and thumb racked the box covers on my wall.

I would put together another Revell Essex any time if asked.

When I was younger than that it was slot cars.

 Take a shoe box with your 1/24 cars to a track at the HS and wait for your heat.

lately I’ve been searching out local HS all over the State. Those old slot tracks were bought and sold, those who know, know where they are.

Then it was trains.

TB you know the folks at Franciscan.

I still know Don.

500 sq. Ft. of Southern Pacific over the Coast Lines. Daylights, Larks, root drags, the cans.

All 1/160.


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    September, 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Monday, May 07, 2018 11:35 PM

Anyone remember the Revell Summer Stock Theater?

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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 11:05 AM

Oh My " G " 

 Yes , I know those Folks . It's been years , but , back in the day I spent my bucks there .My first real nice plastic boat kit was bought there . Aurora's! The kit was of a foot Wheeler Cruiser 42 footer .

 I kept that thing for years eventually replacing the plastic toned wood areas with the real thing ! I tried replacing that kit for years and  No Luck . The nice thing about Fransiscan , It was NEVER boring . Besides I enjoyed the light rail and commuter train ride out there . 

 Aw shoot ! don't get me started . I still miss the Sacramento Delta and San Francisco area . As to the Wheeler , I finally recreated it in plastic and wood in the same scale .

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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 11:06 AM

Hmmm  Revell Summer Stock ?

 I don't remember that , But I was out of country a lot . " G " do you still live in the Bay Area ? If so visit Just Trains in Concord and check out some of my work .

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    September, 2012
Posted by GMorrison on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 2:34 PM


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    June, 2014
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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Wednesday, May 09, 2018 6:09 AM

Oh !

    Now I remember .They came out with a line of H.O. scale buildings . My Holy Grail has always been the Nuclear Power station . Those were okay for the time .

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Posted by WillysMB on Wednesday, May 09, 2018 11:46 AM

I actually prefer working on the old kits. Slowly working my way through the old Revell 1/72 WWI and WWII series, especially the triple kits with the prosaic names. Also the old Airfix ones with the gimmicky bits. I enjoy the challenge of making something decent out of them while remembering my boyhood days in Denver when the Rexall Drug actually had a pretty decent selection. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I discovered Heller.

I can't bring myself to pay that kind if money for the current Tamigawa kits and all the aftermarket stuff, although I have succumbed to the newer Airfix ones.

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Posted by keavdog on Thursday, May 10, 2018 1:42 AM


TB - following on the sensory induced nostalgia... sometimes the smell of original Testors paints, or tube glue, or a song will invoke memories of building (ruining) a model as a boy.  Or the image of the original boxing of an old Monogram Kingfisher - reminds me of scouring the shelves of the local 5 & Dime.  Even the way the kits were shrink wrapped back then was different and it kicks off an old memory of opening that kit on the way home from the store and my mom saying - stop!   Wait until we get home!


I suppose it's why I subliminally put a fingerprint on every model .... lol




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Posted by Don Stauffer on Thursday, May 10, 2018 9:01 AM

Another nostalgic smell for me is hydraulic fluid.  Dad's idea of quality time was to take me with him to airports, where he just turned my loose while he hanger-flew with his buddies.  I could wander around through the hangers, and tie-down areas.  The smell of hydraulic fluid permeated all the hangers, and when I smell it today it reminds me of those walks through the hangers at various small airports.


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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    June, 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, May 10, 2018 10:12 AM

Hi Don ;

Yeah , I know what you mean .I  still get nostalgic around small planes and dive boats .

 The planes and hangars for the smells . The dive boats remind me of the taste of air out of a tank.


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