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Airfix/Hornby customer service

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Airfix/Hornby customer service
Posted by ajd3530 on Monday, May 13, 2019 11:58 PM

Hello all. I recently started on a 1/48 Airfix Gnat (Red Arrows.) I was chugging along at a good pace, thouroughly enjoying the build, until I snipped the upper wing from the sprues, and this is what was looking back at me


Warped all the Hades and back. Making the kit completely unbuildable. Mind you, I purchased this kit, new, from a HobbyTown in early 2016. It was still sealed until 3 weeks ago.

So I email Airfix's spares department. Takes the better part of a week to get a response, they ask for a picture of the part, special serial so they can pinpoint the batch, all the good stuff. Fair enough. I send them that, and another week goes by. I finally recieve a response this morning, Pretty much reading that they have no spares, they can send no replacement, and they pretty much wrap it up saying that if I purchased within the past 12 months, take it back to the retailer and MAYBE they'll refund me.

I am livid. Look, I understand they don't have anymore spares (although I've been able to get numerous spares from Revell/Monogram from kits LONG out of production,)  I get that. And it would be different if this was some kit from 1986. But this is a new tool kit. Less than 5 years old. This particular kit is a dud. Its THEIR kit that made it past THEIR quality control, yet they shrug it off like "Oh we're sorry, but your SOL." 

I also think it's ridiculous that they try to pass responsibility off on the retailer as well. Never mind that I purchased this outside the 12 month window, but even if I had bought it 12 days ago, what are they going to be able to do if there are no spare parts/kits to replace it with?

I get that they can't replace the part/kit, it is what it is. But am I being unreasonable if I was expecting some kind of coupon or voucher or something if they couldn't fix the issue. I mean it's their new kit that they screwed the pooch on, and it's just money thrown away out of my pocket. And Airfix/Hornby are taking no responsibility for it. 


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Posted by keavdog on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 12:27 AM

Bummer dude.  I had a similar issue with a different manufacturer.   They just didn’t have the parts anymore.  Last week I asked Airfix for replacement decals for my 1/48 BP defiant (paint spill disaster) and they quoted me 8 bucks (pounds) including shipping which is not bad, but not great as Tamiya and Monogram who have shipped entire sprues for zero cost in the past.  I can only assume the market is competitive.  I figure it must be a bit cut throat out there - which is kind of a good thing for us as there's so many new manufacturers.   Good luck figuring your build out.  Maybe a cheap Ebay kit?



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Posted by Pawel on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 3:51 AM


Like you wrote - in comparison with Revell who sends you the parts you request at no cost to you with no questions asked, that's bad service. Looks like such service is not important to their business - a pity.

I also hope you can find a way to build your Hawk despite the faulty part. Good luck with the build and have a nice day


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