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Work with what ya got.

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Work with what ya got.
Posted by armornut on Friday, April 17, 2020 6:06 PM

   As most of the frequent fliers around here know I usually just lurk and only input with positive advice.

   So, new or old to the hobby see what you have " stashed" in your spate parts, scratch supplies, the rods and end you bought ten years ago may just fit the situation at hand.

    Tinkering on my Russian Buk, 9K37M1, from Meng which has indy track links, shudder with fear. Well Meng provides an amazing little jig and pins to put the linke together....HOWEVER the tracks are flimsy. So I pondered my know LHS closed for virus( note, I'm NOT a virus), I can't just "run down and pick up stuff".  I counted very cautiously the recommended number of links per side and have a couple left over. That amazing pin vice and bit set I purchased a couple years ago provided the tool, and a usuable drill. Next was some styrene rod I bought 10yrs ago and with some patience and elbow grease I have a good run if I can convince my wife to leave me alone LOL.

    Point of this long winded post, new guys, see what you have on hand before just spending money on items that may or may not make your situation better. Old guys.... Thanks for reading, be safe everyone lets get thruoght this.

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