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Missing,Broken or Non-Existent Parts( Short Shots)

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Missing,Broken or Non-Existent Parts( Short Shots)
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, October 10, 2020 12:24 PM

Hi Ya'll!

     I have read the post about Hasegawa's non-existent Customer service. Well, now you know why my modeling area has a Mattel Vac-U-Form and a homebuilt plunge molder! Plus tubes of Brass and Plastic rod and tube material! Not to mention a closet full of books and patterns for many of the things I build.

     I got my Wake - Up call back when I tried to get some replacement parts for an AMT 56 Ford Crown Victoria Auto Kit! I was succinctly told to take it back to the store where purchased and exchange it for another!

 Now I have a reasonable way to fix this on my own. I use the Mattel for A/C canopies and Canopy Parts ! The plunge molder for larger parts. I also have a Wood plank bender which I found with judicuous adjustment of the heat, can be used on Plastic strip too! One other thing I have found to work great is a Toaster heat element section.

     Having these tools helps me overcome Plastic Missingitis Syndrome! This as we all know is a totally and insidous Disease perpetrated upon our wallets by Companies that like stores can't be bothered with. Their Customers Needs! Now the Manufacturers are like everyone else. Remember Personnel? Now it's Human Resourcss Like people are a commodity not living beings. The same for a customer Base. Who Cares? someone else will buy the item, so whatever!

     Make your own. Keep a good reference library with good Photos available either self taken or in the books like they are showing in the video this month. I got away from customer Service a long time ago.Surprisingly I have gotten many replacements and Copies of instructions and detail info from fellow modelers who are a helluva lot more fun to dale with. Model On!!

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Posted by tankboy51 on Saturday, October 10, 2020 3:15 PM

The mentioned part was included in the kit.  He said it was a free gift that was crushed by a friend.  Not Hasagawa's fault.  There were many requirements that could not be met.  I've bought and built many of their kits.  It's funny, I've been building models for decades, never any missing or short shot parts.  I have probably over 1,500 unbuilt but opened kits and an equil number if not more of built models, from the past 60 years.  I've never had a reason to contact them.  Oh, I did set up with Airfix in 1965 to send a new bombardier nose for a B-17, that I dropped on the floor, chasing the Cat.  I missed.  

 I don't have the same nasty attitude towards customer service as the other poster seems to have.  I had a job years ago where we tried to make everyone happy.  We did lots for customers.  Some did many a scheme to steal from us.  Some succeded.   Many didn't.  People are basically nice, some times things mess up.

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Posted by MJames70 on Saturday, October 10, 2020 4:11 PM

That's the ugly truth - the situation is partly as it is now with unfriendly companies, because some modelers have abused the parts services in the past. Just like at the place I work at. In days gone by, you could just say you had to go to the doctor, and they let you go. Now you need appointment card and a full page form to be turned in on your return. Because some jerks abused it, and ruined it for everyone. 

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Posted by Scale-Master on Saturday, October 10, 2020 6:59 PM
When my Dad was working at Revell in the '60s they got a request for about half the parts to build their B-17 kit.  They thought that was very odd.  After all, a part or two getting lost or damaged and someone requesting replacements was common enough and easily handled.  But half?
Before they had decided exactly how to handle the issue, another request for missing parts for the same B-17 kit came through.  But this time it was for precisely the other half of the pieces requested earlier. 
While the names and addresses were different, a little sleuthing showed both requests were from two houses only a block apart.  Apparently a couple of young friends figured they could get two kits for the price of one using this strategy. 

Build what you want and build it for yourself, the rest will follow... Mark D. Jones


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