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Discount sale on some stuff modelers might want (sorry for the format issue)

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Discount sale on some stuff modelers might want (sorry for the format issue)
Posted by ugamodels on Monday, November 23, 2020 6:03 PM

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After 70 years... Alvin Closed... 75%-90% off art/drafting/furniture supplies

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11:03 AM (8 hours ago) 
to Sandel
My husband’s co-worker, who manages an art supply store as a part time side-gig, has taken inventory of a lot of furniture and art supplies from another business that has closed. Discount codes can be applied at checkout. More details (and the discount codes) can be found below. 
ALVIN is a staple in the art/design/architecture world and I am personally pretty sad they have closed.
Drafting and Art Supply Company, ALVIN, has closed and I now have a bunch of stuff I am selling.
Want a standing drafting table for $30? How about a comfier chair? Need art supplies for the winter? Learn a new craft like casting? Or the big question… do you know a school that needs LOTS of table tops? I have hundreds! I also have educational bridge and crane building kits for middle/high school age students (details below).
Full Story –
I have a small art store in Illinois that services the UIUC architecture program. The store is student run and student centered – I just help manage it remotely. With so much remote learning this year, many school stores are closing and unfortunately this was ALVIN’s primary market. So after 70 years of supporting hand drafting and model making craftmanship ALVIN has ceased distribution. (my store in Illinois was able to go mostly dormant so we are not closing).
All of ALVIN’s inventory (and IP) went to private auction and I ended up getting several tons of tools/materials/furniture. This is way too much for my small store in Illinois so I have secured some warehouse space in Hampden. I want to keep my rent as low as possible so I am selling the big stuff for 90% off (use code HCM90 on all furniture items) and everything else will be 75% off (use code HCM75). Feel free to share the codes with friends and family. If you know a school that might be interested I can work out further Bulk Pricing…tables got to go!
I am taking some PTO to organize the products this week and then will be handing operation over but happy to take questions anytime! Someone from College Park is helping me so we can arrange DC Metro delivery.
I’m also thinking of doing a “Small Business Saturday” so if you want to walk though the warehouse and browse products just let me know!
The links below will continue to update as I go through shipments this week.
FREE PICKUP (will schedule appointment)
FREE DELIVERY (on orders over $100)


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