Remember U.S.S. Nimitz in 1/72 scale, issue of FSM August 1987

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Remember U.S.S. Nimitz in 1/72 scale, issue of FSM August 1987

  • I was looking through some of the older issues of FSM that my dad gave me a long time ago and I still can't get over the article about Richard Quinlan's 1/72 scale U.S.S Nimitz. that thing is just huge. Hey is there anybody here working on something that huge? [:0]
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  • I remember taking a tour of the 1/1 Nimitz at Puget Sound when it was in for a refit in April of 87.

    That thing is huge!!!

    Just wish she'd had all her planes on her when I toured.
  • There was also a Enterprise CV_6 and CVA-65 done and featured in that scale as well. Awesome ships!

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  • HEY,
    I dont know what it was but my stepdad and his brother built a tamiya aircraft carrier with jets on it and stuff, forklifts/weaponlifts, helecopters. It was awsome. Then his brothers house burnt down, and guess where the carrier was? Took them together more than a year to do.

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  • i wasnt born at the time of publication, but man it sounds fantastic!